Workforce Development Scholarship

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Earn a $2,500 Scholarship!

North Hennepin Community College will be awarding $2,500 Workforce Development Scholarships that encourage and reward students pursuing high-demand occupations in health care and information technology. The deadline to apply is May 4, 2018.


In order to be considered for the Workforce Development Scholarship, students must:

  • Be current high school seniors or recent high school graduates
  • Pursue a high-demand occupation (see list below)
  • Take a minimum of 9-credits per semester

Eligible Programs at NHCC

Students applying to the following programs are eligible for the Workforce Development Scholarship:

  • Health Care Services

    • Health

    • Health Sciences Broad Field

      This program provides students a broad base of general education coursework relevant to the field of health sciences. Career opportunities include dental assistant, dietitian, home health aide, medical assistant and much more.

  • Information Technology

    • Computer Science

      This program prepares students to enter the job market in information technology, computer programming, software development, and technical documentation; or to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in computer science, software engineering, or information technology.

    • Game Programming

      This program provides students the skills needed for game design and programming.

    • Internet Programming

      This program provides students with expertise in software design, coding and testing. Students will learn how to design and then program robust, interactive programs conforming to industry standards.

    • Web Graphic Design Programming and E-Commerce

      This program provides students a broad-based introduction to designing and scripting small business marketing and commercial websites. Students learn the basic principles behind effective design and web programming.

Contact Information 

Candice Bartelle
Admission Partnerships and PSEO Coordinator