At NHCC, we are fully dedicated to protecting and serving our students, staff, visitors, and campus property. If you see, hear, or notice any suspicious activity on campus, we want to hear from you.

Keeping Campus Safe

We provide quick access to a number of non-inclusive services. Contact us through one of the forms below or call us directly at 763-424-0807.

  • Responses to medical and other emergencies
  • Fire and intrusion alarm monitoring and response
  • Courtesy vehicle jumpstarts
  • Crime prevention programs
  • Investigations/lost and found
  • Safety escorts
  • Proactive patrols of all buildings and grounds
  • Special event coverage

File a Report

Has something happened that you want to let us know about? File a report and we’ll investigate.

Report activity anonymously to us and we will review.

Our state has a zero tolerance policy against violent sexual crimes and harassment. We provide detailed information to assist anyone who has been a victim. 

Providing Security & Safety on Campus

The North Hennepin Community College Department of Public Safety is recognized as the primary campus department responsible for providing security services for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

The department includes full time professional and part-time paraprofessional officers. Public Safety Officers are NOT licensed police officers and do not possess the power of arrest as defined by Minnesota State Statute, but have been granted the authority by the Institution’s President to enforce institution policy, which is not inconsistent with federal, state or local law, and to make citizens arrests when necessary.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department  provides fully licensed police protection for North Hennepin Community College. The Department of Public Safety has developed a working relationship with the Brooklyn Park Police Department that allows for immediate response to all crimes, emergencies, or requests for service generated by the campus.

Additionally, NHCC falls within the jurisdiction of Hennepin County Sheriff .


Campus Security Reports

Printed copies of all reports are available through Public Safety. 

Annual Security Report
Public Crime Log 


Additional Resources & Information

Parking and Overnight Restrictions Understand the ins and outs of how and where to park your vehicle on campus.

Star Alerts Current students and staff may set up a Star Alert account to receive emergency notifications via personal email, home or work phone and/or text messages

Public Alerts If you are not a Student or Employee of NHCC and would like to receive emergency alerts please subscribe to the Public Alert system.

Emergency Preparedness Guide Prior knowledge is important in any crisis situation. This guide will provide awareness, protect lives and property, preserve facilities and ensure continuity of essential services.

The Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Office supports NHCC's Code of Conduct by focusing on the promotion of personal growth and the development of students.


Contact Us

Phone: 911

Learning Resources Center
Room 101

Phone: 763-424-0807

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