This certificate is for students who want to combine business and management with technology. Students will learn management principles, project management software tools, concepts and process and communication skills that can be applied in business situations. Courses can be applied to the Business Computer Systems and Management A.A. S. or A.S. degrees. The courses from this program are delivered in the classroom and/or online. This certificate qualifies for the Workforce Investment Act.



2021 - 2022

  • Curriculum

    Program Courses
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Course Subject: BUS         Course Number:2200
    Course Title:Principles of Management      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course is an introduction to the functions of management: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. The course explores how each of the management functions are implemented to impact organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Local, national, and global environments are presented as strategic factors to be understood by contemporary managers. The importance of managing competitively and intelligently within a diverse environment is stressed. Situational cases are completed to reinforce decision-making in each of the function areas.
    Principles of ManagementView-BUS 2200n/a3
    Course Subject: CIS         Course Number:1260
    Course Title:Business Communications and Technology      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course provides students the knowledge to become successful communicators in a business environment through improving and practicing written, oral, face to face, and virtual technology based communication skills, processes, and strategies. This class will incorporate the effective use of Web-based communication, video conferencing, e-mail etiquette, presentation skills, presentation technologies, teleconferencing, and telephone usage. Students will also apply improved verbal, nonverbal, listening, writing, team, conflict, and negotiation skills in organizational situations. This course is for any student wishing to increase their business communication effectiveness in a global and technological business environment.Recommended: Completion of ENGL 1201 College Writing I and CIS 1101 Business Computer Systems I.
    Business Communications and TechnologyView-CIS 1260n/a3
    Course Subject: CIS         Course Number:1700
    Course Title:Project Management Software Tools      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course provides students with an understanding of the technology, concepts and process that supports project management. This course is for anyone who wants to develop project management software application skills in order to be more effective and efficient. Emphasis will be on a practical skill-building approach to project management software, concepts and process so students will apply knowledge to new problems, think critically and creatively, work collaboratively in teams and develop skills that can be applied outside the classroom. This course will include using project management software to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.
    Project Management Software ToolsView-CIS 1700n/a3
    NHCC Residency and GPA
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    3 Credits must be earned at NHCC
                                   Total Credits Required9

  • Program Outcomes


    Intellectual and Practical Skills, including:

    • Demonstrate business communication effectiveness in a global and technological business environment.
    • Demonstrate project management software applications.
    • Participate as a team member and as a leader in projects utilizing project management software.
    • Complete a project plan utilizing project management software applications and stages while thinking critically, independently and creatively.

  • Career Opportunities

    Information on careers, including salary and employment outlook data, is available on the iseek and Bureau of Labor Statistics websites: www.iseek.org and www.bls.gov.

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    Certificates may be earned for successful completion of courses in a specialized program of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C). A certificate shall include 9 to 30 semester credits. At least onethird of the total credits required for each certificate must be completed at North Hennepin Community College.

    Developmental Courses Some students may need preparatory course(s) in Math and/or English. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward a degree.

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