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Business Computer Systems and Management AS


The Associate of Science Degree in Business Computer Systems and Management is designed for students who after completion of this degree are interested in continued study in a baccalaureate degree program in a related field as well as for students who are interested in careers in computers, management, business, education, or training. This degree is also meant for students who wish to enhance their computer and management knowledge in today’s business world to help further their career. Students should consult an advisor/counselor for transfer opportunities to various Minnesota colleges. The courses from this program are delivered in the classroom and/or online.

The Associate of Science in Business Computer Systems and Management is designed to articulate to:

  • Metropolitan State University B.S. in Business Administration degree
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead B.S. in Project Management
  • Bethel University B.A. in Business Management degree



2017 - 2018



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