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Welcome to NHCC! Here's what we're doing to prepare for fall semester.

  • Offering most classes via online/hybrid to ensure the safety of our campus community
  • Freezing the cost of tuition, so students pay the same rate from spring 2020 semester
  • Offering a free, one-credit course to help students improve their online learning skills
  • Free Course - Improve Online Learning - Sept & Oct Courses Added

    Nervous about distance learning or just need to freshen skills? Take this free, four-week, one-credit course to help you succeed with online learning and the college experience, including communicating with instructors, note taking, test taking, and getting involved.


    FYE 1990: Special Topics - Effective Student Learning

    • Sections start September 24 and October 23 

    • Morning and evening options

    Register today!

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  • In Your First Week

  • In Your First Two Weeks and Beyond        

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How will classes be delivered for fall semester?

      Most classes for fall term will be a mixture of online/hybrid with limited face-to-face instruction. Please see course details in eServices. These courses may access Zoom (video call), email, mobile app, and/or any other form of electronic platforms that are free and accessible to students. The caliber of courses and course expectations will maintain the high standards required by our accrediting agency.

    • How will courses be delivered for spring semester?

      The Pandemic Task Force is currently reviewing guidance from Minnesota State and the Minnesota Department of Health regarding spring semester. We will update campus as soon as possible. In the meantime, please be aware that spring courses in eServices are subject to change.

    • What is the free online learning course being offered?

      NHCC is offering a free, four-week, one-credit course to help students succeed with online learning and the college experience, including communicating with instructors, note taking, test taking, and getting involved.


      FYE 1990: Special Topics - Effective Student Learning

    • What if I don’t have access to technology to take online courses?

      NHCC will work with students to offer loaner laptops and/or connect students with community resources including Minnesota Computers for Schools, PCs for People, and Refurble. In addition, NHCC students can access computer labs on campus, and free Wi-Fi from NHCC parking lots. Students who have their own computing device are able to connect to our computers on campus by using the LabStats remote access tool.

    • What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous online courses?

      Synchronous means you will virtually attend class at the scheduled time. Asynchronous means you will virtually attend class at your leisure, so you can review the course material at any time however you need to adhere to the deadlines.

    • What is a tuition freeze, and what will I pay for fall?

      Tuition for fall semester is frozen, so students will pay the same tuition rate as spring 2020. Fees usually vary year-to-year, and are approved by Student Senate. View tuition and fees for fall 2020. For more information about what you are paying per course, view Bills and Payment in eServices, then refer to the tuition and fees chart to see applicable fees. Questions about billing? Contact Accounting & Fees at 763-424-0718,

    • Why are online courses more expensive than in person?

      Online courses are more expensive than in person for a couple of reasons. First, North Hennepin is assessed a $4.50/credit fee by Minnesota State to cover the cost of the system-wide licensing of D2L Brightspace (online course management system) and other licensing costs. Second, the additional amount of the differential is used by the campus to a) fund specialized software needed for online courses, b) offset the additional support costs required for online courses and c) provide training to employees. Although NHCC’s online courses are more expensive than in person, we have one of the lowest differential rates of any of the metro area community or technical colleges.

    • When is tuition due for fall?

      Fall tuition is due August 21, 2020. If registered after August 21, tuition is due August 28. Click here for more information on tuition deadlines. For available payment options, click here. Questions? Contact Accounting and Fees at 763-424-0718 or

    • How do I purchase books?

      Buy your books, bus passes and some general merchandise through the online bookstore, and enjoy free shipping through September 2. Orders placed after September 2 will be charged the normal shipping fee of $13. If shipping does not work for you, and/or if you need in-store payment options, contact Traci Hildebrandt-Smith, or 763-424-0810, to make other arrangements.

    • Will NHCC Computer Labs be open and available to students?

      Yes computer labs will be open. Click here to view hours.
    • Will physical service windows be closed?

      Yes, service windows are currently closed. Click here to access services remotely.     

    • Can someone in my family talk to the school on my behalf?

      The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a law that protects the privacy of student education records. Students 18 years of age and older are the only ones who have access to this data. If you would like to provide consent for this data to be accessible by a parent, guardian, spouse, etc., 1) complete a Release of Private Educational Data Form, 2) submit form WITH a copy or image of a photo ID via this secure upload. In person, you can submit the information via the student drop box located inside the Center for Business & Technology door #13.

    • How do I meet with my academic advisor?

      Students can meet with academic advisors and/or TRIO advisors through phone and/or Zoom (video call) appointments and drop-ins.

      For Academic Advising, schedule an appointment through Navigate, call 763-424-0703, or email 

      For TRIO, call 763-424-0937 or email to schedule an appointment.

    • How do I apply for TRIO?

      TRIO is currently accepting online applications. Please be patient, as our review process may be slightly delayed. If you have any questions, call 763-424-0937.

    • Are tutoring services available?

      Yes, tutoring services are available remotely. Please visit to learn more about services and scheduling appointments.

    • Are library services available?

      Yes, library services are available remotely. Please visit to access the online database, for research assistance, and to schedule an appointment.

    • How can I connect to Diversity and Inclusion programs?

      There are a number of ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs available virtually. Visit . To schedule a virtual appointment or to learn how to access a program, email

    • Am I able to access the Food Cupboard?

      All enrolled students can access the Food Cupboard during campus hours. To access campus, enter CBT Door #13 and show your student ID. If you are a new student and do not have a student ID, bring your course schedule and a state- or federal-issued ID, and Public Safety will create a student ID free of charge. Upon entry, Public Safety will escort you to Campus Center to access the Food Cupboard.

    • Am I able to access the Mother’s Room?

      The Mother’s Room in Campus Center is closed, but Science Center Room 109 (SC 109) will be accessible to parents who need space to feed children, nurse, or utilize a pump. Individuals needing access to the Mother’s Room may contact Student Life at or 763-424-0804 or Public Safety at 763-424-0807.

    • What community resources are available to me?

      Visit the Community Connections Resource Center to get connected to community resources to overcome barriers to academic success, including healthcare, housing and energy assistance, access to the food pantry and SNAP, money management and more. In addition, students who are experiencing financial hardship and are facing an unforeseen financial barrier, such as a car repair, medical costs, child care, transportation, food, bills or other needs they cannot meet, can apply for the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) emergency grant. This grant is available one time, and provides up to $500. Please contact Counseling for more information at 763-493-0554 or

    • What counseling and mental health resources are available to me?

      Visit Counseling Services to access a variety of campus and community resources, including a 24/7 support line and crisis text line. Contact Counseling at 763-493-0554 or to schedule an appointment with an NHCC counselor.

    • How do I request accommodations?

      Visit Access Services for more information and to submit an application for services. We are also available to meet with you remotely via phone, Zoom (video call), or email. Please contact 763-493-0555 or to schedule an appointment.

    • I am a Veteran, how do I find out about benefits and resources?

      Please contact Janet Lorenzo ( or Anong Thor ( for any questions; you can also send an email to

    • I am an International Student and have questions about my status and/or travel?

      Please contact your international student advisor at for questions about status or travel.    

    • Whom should I contact if I have a questions or concerns?

      Contact the Information Center for questions or concerns at 763-424-0702 or

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