For those who want to earn a two-year degree that lets them keep their career options open, the Liberal Arts/General Studies programs are ideal. While students enhance basic skills in communications, math and computers, they also learn about human behavior, culture and history. By completing a two-year degree program, students prepare themselves to transfer to a four-year institution through NHCC's University Center to continue their education in a new or related field.

  • The Communication Studies Transfer Pathway AA is designed to provide students with foundational communication skills such as public speaking and argumentation, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and communication ethics.
  • In the Creative Writing AFA program, students develop their own writing styles and create fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and other works.
  • An History Transfer Pathway AA applies the standards of evidence to help students develop the research and communication skills that historians use to understand the past.
  • The Spanish Language Certificate will give students an advantage in current and future job markets by being able to better communicate with Spanish-speaking audiences.
  • The Economics Transfer Pathway AA offers an excellent foundation and development of necessary critical thinking skills. Economics is the study of choices so these first two years will prepare students for in-depth analysis to come in the future.