About the Policy Committee

The development, approval, and communication of college policies and procedures is guided by the Policy Committee. In collaboration with the appropriate institutional unit, the Policy Committee will review existing policies and proactively develop new college policies and procedures. In an effort to provide transparency, the Policy Committee will distribute draft policies and procedures to the college community for review and comment.

All college faculty, staff, and students are welcome to provide comment. After reviewing any received feedback, the Policy Committee will finalize policies and procedures, assign numbers, obtain appropriate approval, and communicate approved policies and procedures to the entire college community. The Policy Development and Implementation Policy governs this process.

The Policy Committee includes:

Policies and Procedures Under Review

Policies and procedures under review are listed below. Please forward any feedback you have regarding the policies and procedures listed below to any member of the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee will review all feedback and make changes as appropriate. Your feedback is important and welcome.

Spring 2020 Policies for Review

The review of these policies was interrupted at the Campus Community Comment phase due to COVID-19. These policies will continue through the process Fall 2020.

  1.  5.31 Use of Email for Official Communication Policy
  2. 5.31.1 Use of Email for Official Communication Procedure
  3. 5.33 Tobacco Use Policy
  4. 5.33.1 Tobacco Use Procedure
  5. 6.12 Facilities Use Policy
  6. 6.12.1 Facilities Use Procedure

Fall 2020 Policies for Review

  1. 1A.1 Policy Development and Implementation Policy
  2. 3.8 Student Complaints and Grievances Policy
  3. 3.8.1 Student Complaints and Grievances Procedure
  4. 3.15 Advanced Placement Policy
  5. 3.15.1 Advanced Placement Procedure
  6. 3.16.1 International Baccalaureate Procedure
  7. 3.26.1 Intellectual Property Procedure
  8. 3.56 Academic Amnesty Policy
  9. 3.56.1 Academic Amnesty Procedure
  10. 5.30 Electronic Signature Policy
  11. 5.30.1 Electronic Signature Procedure

Campus Community Comments and Responses