Policies and Procedures Under Review

About the Policy Committee

The development, approval, and communication of college policies and procedures is guided by the Policy Committee. In collaboration with the appropriate institutional unit, the Policy Committee will review existing policies and proactively develop new college policies and procedures. In an effort to provide transparency, the Policy Committee will distribute draft policies and procedures to the college community for review and comment.

All college faculty, staff, and students are welcome to provide comment. After reviewing any received feedback, the Policy Committee will finalize policies and procedures, assign numbers, obtain appropriate approval, and communicate approved policies and procedures to the entire college community. The Policy Development and Implementation Policy governs this process.

The Policy Committee includes:

Policies and Procedures Under Review

Policies and procedures under review are listed below. Please forward any feedback you have regarding the policies and procedures listed below to any member of the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee will review all feedback and make changes as appropriate. Your feedback is important and welcome.

Chapter 1 - College

None at this time

Chapter 2 - Student

 2.1 Campus Student Associations 

Chapter 3 - Educational

3.1 Student Rights and Responsibilities
3.16 International Baccalaureate Policy
3.16.1 International Baccalaureate Procedure
3.33 CLEP Policy
3.33.1 CLEP Procedure
3.35 Credit for Prior Learning Policy
3.35.1 Credit for Prior Learning Procedure
3.55 Class Attendance and Participation Policy
3.55.1 Class Attendance and Participation Procedure

Chapter 4 - Human Resources

4.9 Employee Evaluation Policy
4.9.1 Faculty Evaluation Procedure

Chapter 5 - Administrative

5.32 Records Retention Policy
5.32.1 Records Retention Procedure

Chapter 6 - Facilities

None at this time

Chapter 7 - Financial

7.7 Grant Procurement and Administration Policy
7.7.1 Grant Procurement and Administration Procedure

Chapter 8 - External

None at this time

Campus Community Comments and Responses

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