Technical Skills Required To Learn

  • Comfortably use a computer
  • Perform basic navigation - minimize and maximize Windows; use the forward and back browser functions
  • Create, save, scan, print, and manage computer files
  • Copy and paste information using the clipboard
  • Understand a browser is used to surf the internet, such as Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox
  • Upload information to a dropbox by browsing your computer files
  • Understand CTRL+C, CTRL+V and CTRL+P (copy, paste, print functions) short-cut keys to save time
  • Comfortably use the internet, as well as, research internet information
  • Understand Google searches and know material used in college must not be plagiarized
  • Send and receive email messages and include attachments to email
  • Use word processing software and or spreadsheet software
  • Have a computer with internet access or come to NHCC s computer labs to login to classes
  • Take a quiz to determine if you are ready for online learning.

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