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Scholarship Information

General Information

Apply for: 2018 Academic Year (both fall and spring semesters)
Application Available: Monday, March 26, 2018
Application Deadline: Friday, May 4th, 2018, 11:59 pm
Notification of Award: Late July 2018

Application Information

NHCC offers scholarships based on a variety of eligibility requirements. See the scholarship list below for more detail. Please note that all scholarships listed may not be awarded every year. Most award amounts range from $500 to $1,000.

Fill out one online application for all NHCC scholarships during the open application period. Your application will be considered for any scholarship where you meet the requirements. Some scholarships require additional submissions. If you qualify for one of these, a prompt will appear within the application telling you what additional items you may need to submit (i.e. additional essay, transcript, letter of recommendation, letter of support, etc.). All of the additional items are also due by the scholarship deadline, so apply early!

  • Minimum Requirements

    All NHCC scholarships require students to meet minimum academic progress standards at the time the award is made. Academic progress includes:

    • Required minimum cumulative Completion Rate is 67%.
    • Required minimum cumulative GPA is 2.00 (out of a 4.00 standard); some scholarships require a GPA higher than 2.00.

    In addition, scholarship recipients are required to meet a minimum enrollment of six (6) credit in each semester their scholarship is awarded.

  • Definitions

    Financial Need

    Financial need is evaluated based on income information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


    A freshman student has earned 0-30 credits at NHCC or in transfer. A sophomore student has earned 31 or more credits at NHCC or in transfer.

  • Essay Scoring

    There are four (4) essay questions required to fulfill the application. Each of the four essay are scored up to a maximum of 15 points each by individual readers. The reader scores for each essay are then averaged. Scholarship readers consider the following:

    • Essay addresses the question/theme.
    • Essay is generally free of grammatical errors, etc.
    • Essay is strong, credible, compelling, provides a good picture of the student’s situation or need, etc.

    The 15 point essay score guidelines generally are:

    • 12-15 points: exceptional achievement, effort, potential, etc.
    • 8-11 points: above average achievement, effort, potential, etc.
    • 4-7 points: average achievement, effort, potential, etc.
    • 0-3 points: below average achievement, effort, potential, etc.

    Essay Questions (to be completed within your application form):

    1. Describe your interest in your NHCC major/program and how it relates to your future goals.
    2. Describe any life experiences that have influenced your personal growth.
    3. Describe your involvement in activities or in service to others.
    4. Describe what makes you deserving of an NHCC Foundation Scholarship.

Disbursement Information

With few exceptions, all scholarships are awarded for the academic year, and split equally for confirmed enrollment in fall and spring semesters. At a minimum, you must register for the required number of credits identified in your scholarship. Awards for enrollment at NHCC are disbursed at the same time as all other aid. Transfer scholarships are disbursed to the transfer institution after the awarded student has submitted registration confirmation to the NHCC Foundation.

If you have additional questions on NHCC Scholarship opportunities, call the Foundation at 763-424-0815.