Studio Arts Capstone Practicum, ART 2900-01, Spring 2024, North Hennepin Community College.

Studio Arts Capstone Practicum

The Studio Arts Capstone Practicum is a spring semester course for students who have completed a significant portion of coursework in the Art Transfer Pathway Associate of Fine Arts at North Hennepin Community College (NHCC). 

It is a capstone experience in which students refine their skills in portfolio building, artistic presentation in the professional arts world, resume building, critique skills, exhibition preparation, and use of web resources for artists' representation. Students work closely with faculty to integrate concepts learned throughout their program into a final portfolio of work in preparation for continued study or work.

This year the Capstone was taught by Gina Dabrowski, faculty in the Fine Art Department at NHCC. Check out the information on the Art Transfer Pathway Associate of Arts degree!

Artist Statements

Alexis Voss

Ever since I was young, art has been my thing. It helps me express what I can't say, especially when things get tough. It uplifts my spirits and allows me to capture happiness and everyday moments around me, such as memories, nature, and loved ones. "First Day" is a colorful, oil pastel piece that takes me back to those carefree school days and captures my longing for childhood innocence. 

To create my art, I start by selecting a reference photo and making adjustments in a photo editing app. Once I'm happy with the design and layout, I sketch the composition onto paper or canvas using a light pencil. After completing the sketch, I first fill in the dark values and then work up to the lighter ones. I enjoy using bright, expressive colors and paying attention to detail. I hope that when folks see my art, they feel a sense of wonder and joy and see the magic in the little things. Life's pretty beautiful.

colorful painting of child getting on school bus

Alexis Voss, “First Day”, 2024, Oil Pastel on Paper, 12” x 12”, Not for sale

painting of a child next to a man with glasses

Alexis Voss, “Papa and Me”, 2024, Oil Pastel on Paper, 12” x 12”, Not for sale

Andrew Sandbakken

 If there is anything my style is most inspired by in my later years, it is animation. Whether it be cartoons or vintage anime, the animated media that I have consumed allowed me to create my own characters and draft my own stories. The digital painting is a love letter to that work and an example of my creativity. “Introducing The Nighthawks” was made to look like a Serigraphic Cell or Sericel, which is a piece of animation art. I used a digital pen to make the artwork and based my background on Riverdale Station in Coon Rapids. 

I also used a cool color pallet for this digital painting, using a lot of blues and greens, especially in the background. Which colors came right out of a reference picture of Riverdale Station. With all these techniques and inspirations, I enjoyed making this piece.

painting of three guys in suits

Andrew Sandbakken, “Introducing the Nighthawks”, April 5, 2024, digital, 3508 pixels by 2480 pixels, Not for sale

Katelyn Anderson

Capturing a feeling or emotion of an artwork is one of the best accomplishments even without someone verbally complimenting the artwork itself. The tears clouding the eyes from the man who sees his childhood memories of a land that he can no longer travel too. The gratitude of knowing you're not the only one who feels this emotion expressed in a painting. Capturing a time, place, or a memory humbilizing anyone by taking at least one look is one if my life's work. 

My piece, “Homeland”, is an oil painting with many layers of Armenia’s view of beautiful Mount Artat. Khor Virap Monastery stands sharp and proud standing next to the Mount Arat. Blending with its natural elements of the hillside. The glazed layers of cool blues against the white caps of the mountain create a fantasy glow. Just as JRR Tolkien’s fantasies show of his stories and artwork of a mythical journey, I created my own version. As stories of Noah Ark on top of Mount Arat are told around the world, to my husband this is home. As many Armenians, like himself, may have traveled farther way or have stayed beneath the watchful eye of the mountain look Mount Arat and say, “That is my home”.

painting of a large mountain

Katelyn Anderson, “Homeland”, 2024, Oil Painting, 29” x 40”, Not for sale

Myla Lasley

Making art has been something that has been with me my whole life, constantly I’m surrounded by art and other artists; being inspired by life itself is something that never gets old. Going to school for art is something I enjoy as when I feel an artist block, assignments help me to get back into things. I’m excited to share my capstone pieces as they reflect a new artist chapter of exploring different ideas, materials, and comfort zones. I feel constantly inspired when I am working with new materials, and it is so much fun. The focus on these pieces is femininity and fluidity, something I was ashamed to show, but “Flower Bird” is my favorite as it is representing me as a young woman, confused, anxious, but also happy and free; so I hope you enjoy.

colorful painting of circles

Myla Lasley, “Organic”, 2024, 24” x 18”, $180

colorful painting of shapes

Myla Lasley, “Planetary”, 2024, 24” x 18”, $216

painting of a woman with a flower

Myla Lasley, “Flower Bird”, 2024, 40” x 32”, $300

colorful painting of a flower

Myla Lasley, “What a Day”, 2024, 2048 pixels x 2048 pixels, Not for sale

Cailey Lor

In the beginning of my budding life as an artist, I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by anime artworks and Japanese manga. It’s what started my drive to make art and dive further into the art community. I struggled and took it as a challenge in a good way. To test my creativity and expand my skills in other areas and art styles. In creating artworks for assignments, I took to creating other aspects to like about it whether it be the color palette, composition, or subject. I believe an artist should create something they like otherwise it’s going to diminish their love for art. 

I use elements and colors I like. I’m fond of bright and pastel colors that are easy on the eyes and it’s my usual choice of colors when creating art. I like to dabble in Mixed Media mostly as I find myself drawn to more than one medium. I find it to be satisfying to give my art more dimension than using one medium.

painting of an apple on wood

Cailey Lor, “Apple”, April 2024, Mixed Media: Acrylic & Pen on Wood, 4”x 4”, $50

painting of an orange on wood

Cailey Lor, “Orange”, April 2024, Mixed Media: Acrylic & Pen on Wood, 4”x 4”, $50

painting of a lemon on wood

Cailey Lor, “Lemon”, April 2024, Mixed Media: Acrylic & Pen on Wood, 4”x 4”, $50

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