GPA / Completion Rate Calculator

The GPA / Completion Rate Calculator is for informational purposes only. Please visit with a counselor or advisor for strategic academic planning.

Section 1. Enter Career Undergrad Summary Transcript Information

Using the transcript image shown, locate the corresponding information on your transcript to complete fields a, b, c, d, and e below:  

Career Undergrad Summary - Semester Hours
  Local: Att: 48.00 Earn: 48.00 GPA Crs: 48.00 GPA Pts: 152.00 GPA: 3.16
  Transfer: Att: 44.00 Earn: 44.00 GPA Crs: 48.00 GPA Pts:       0.00 GPA: 0.00
  Total: Att: 92.00 Earn: 92.00 GPA Crs: 48.00 GPA Pts: 152.00 GPA: 3.16

a. Local Cumulative Attempted Credits

b. Local Cumulative Earned Credits
c. Local Cumulative GPA Credits
d. Local Cumulative GPA Points
e. Local Cumulative GPA

Section 2. Enter Current Enrollment Information
a. How many credits are you currently enrolled in that show a Z grade (are in-progress) on your transcript?  
b. How many credits do you plan to enroll in next term?  

Section 3. Enter Individual Course Information for All Credits Reported in Section 2.

The total in Section 2 must equal the total in Section 3 for Section 4 to calculate accurately.

Course 1 Credits   Anticipated Grade
Course 2 Credits   Anticipated Grade
Course 3 Credits   Anticipated Grade
Course 4 Credits   Anticipated Grade
Course 5 Credits   Anticipated Grade
Course 6 Credits   Anticipated Grade

Section 4. End-of-Term Projections  

Cumulative GPA:   Goal: ≥ 2.00 GPA

Term GPA:  Goal: ≥ 2.50 GPA

Cumulative Completion Rate: %    Goal: ≥ 67%

Term Completion Rate: %   Goal: = 100%