The Post Secondary Enrollment Options - Career & Technical Education (PSEO-CTE) program allows high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and use those credits toward the completion of high school graduation requirements. PSEO-CTE students can take ONE approved course per semester at NHCC.

Eligibility for PSEO-CTE (Career & Technical Education)

  • Open to high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
  • Students must have passed the 8th grade MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) reading exam. Current 10th grade students who did not take the 8th grade MCA reading exam may substitute a college level Reading score from the ACCUPLACER placement test.
  • Students must also meet the specific course requirements and prerequisites of the CTE course in which they wish to enroll.
  • Private school students are not eligible to enroll in PSEO CTE courses.
  • If the participating student receives a grade of 'C' or better in their first CTE course, they are eligible to take additional courses the next semester.

Click here for information about Minnesota State PSEO eligibility requirements.

PSEO-CTE Application Steps

1. Complete and submit ALL application documents together

Before submitting your application, check that you have included all the required documents below. Incomplete applications will result in a delay of notice of PSEO eligibility.

All application materials can be e-mailed to Transcripts must be sent from a counselor or school official's school e-mail address to be considered official. Transcripts are also accepted electronically via Parchment, Naviance, SendEdu, etc. For this option, you may need the assistance of a school official.

2. Complete online orientation and attend a PSEO Registration Session

  • All PSEO-CTE students must attend the required registration session.
  • Student must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Approved Courses for PSEO Career and Technical Education

BUS 1100      Introduction to Business and the American Economy
BUS 1440      Personal Financial Planning
CIS 1000       Electronic Keyboarding Communications
CIS 1101       Business Computer Systems I
CIS 1200       Word Processing
CIS 1230       Business Presentation PowerPoint
CIS 1300       Introduction to the Internet
CIS 1310       The Whole Internet
CIS 1500       Developing Computer Keyboarding Skills
CIS 1510       Introduction to Computers and Basic Word Processing
CIS 1520       Spreadsheets
CIS 1530       Business Graphics
CSCI 1000     Computer Basics
CSCI 1020     Beginning Web Page Programming
ENGR 1000    Introduction to Engineering and Design

3. Transitioning from CTE to Regular PSEO

Students wanting to transition to regular PSEO, after CTE, for 11th grade, must submit an updated high school transcript and meet the 2.75+ GPA requirement for acceptance. Students below a 2.75 GPA will need to continue with CTE until their GPA meets the PSEO acceptance criteria.