One student tutoring another student.

Peer Tutoring

All currently enrolled students have access to free one-on-one or group tutoring sessions through the Peer Tutoring Center. Our tutors are available for weekly appointments, or can be seen once per day or twice per week in the same subject area. Sessions can last up to 60 minutes. To take advantage of this service, we recommend you set up appointments for the whole semester during the first week of class, as our tutor's schedules fill up quickly. When arriving for appointment, please bring your assignments, syllabus, questions, and any other materials you might need to complete your homework.

Note: The goal of our tutors is to help you become a more independent learner, meaning they are not allowed to complete, check or correct your homework for you, or teach you course material because you have missed class.

Online Tutoring is a free online tutoring service that NHCC students can access by logging in through D2L, then selecting the desired course. Click here for more information about online tutoring services.