The data shows college education is a reliable path to a better career and higher pay. 

Earn More

Let's look at what the data says about how college education impacts pay (source).

Earn more with an associate degree
Earn more with a bachelor's degree
Lifetime return on investment for an associate degree

As Education Increases, Pay Increases 

The graph below shows the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on how education impacts earnings and unemployment. 

According to the BLS, as education increases, earnings increase and unemployment rate decreases. Source

graph showing as education increase pay increase and unemployment decreases

Example: Accounting Associate Degree vs. Bachelor's Degree

This data is from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (Source). 

The data shows the average hourly pay of associate degree accounting grads on the left and bachelor's degree accounting grads on the right

Five years after graduating, accounting grads with bachelor's degrees earned 40% higher pay than graduates with an associate degree!

two graphs showing the pay of accounting graduates

Learn More

Whether you want to turn your passion into your profession or you want a higher paying career to afford the life you want for you and your family, NHCC has a path for you. 

Choose from in-person, online, hybrid, evening, or weekend courses to fit your schedule. 

student smiling with the words why go to college? Because I see college as the pathway to a better life

Save More

NHCC has one of the lowest tuitions in Minnesota, so you can save more on tuition. 

There will be no tuition increases through 2025.

Graph showing the costs of various colleges with NHCC as the lowest cost

How to Save on Tuition 

  • Scholarships - Last year, 50% of scholarship applicants at NHCC received a scholarship of $500-$5,000.
  • Grants - At NHCC, 48% of eligible students receive grants that average more than $3,500.
  • Planning to get a bachelor's degree? - If you do your first two years at NHCC and then transfer to a bachelor's program, you can save thousands of dollars.
  • Free college tuition - Starting fall 2024, eligible students can get free college tuition through the North Star Promise Scholarship


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