Mark Larson

CLA 160

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  • AA, Minnesota State Un-Akita
  • BA, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • MA, St. Cloud State University
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Aikido at NHCC 

  • Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art.
  • NHCC students are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn Aikido from world-class Aikido instructor, Mark Larson. 
  • Aikido is a Global and Cultural Studies elective course that fulfills an elective requirement for many majors.

Instructor Mark Larson 

Mark Larson (MA—TESL) holds the title of Shihan [expert or senior instructor] appointed by the World Aikido Federation (Aikikai) Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, and current Doshu [Leader of Aikido]. Shihan is the highest title earned in aikido. In academics, Shihan is equivalent to a doctorate/PhD. Larson is a UFT Faculty in English Language for Academic Purposes (EAP) at NHCC. He is co-founder of the campus’ award-winning cross-cultural publication Realities, and the recipient of numerous teaching and departmental awards for “Program of the Year” (awarded by the NHCC Office of Diversity), “Faculty of the Year” (awarded by NHCC Students), and “Excellence in Teaching” (nominated by NHCC and awarded by the Board of Trustees). The Aikido of NHCC Program has won the “Student Life Excellence Award” and “NHCC Innovation of the Year.” Mark Larson presented at the NHCC Faculty Lecture Series: An Introduction to and Exploration of the Japanese Martial Art – Aikido

Celebrating 15 Years of Aikido at NHCC

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Courses Mark Larson Teaches and Created:*

EAP 1260: College Writing Skills Development

GCST 1211: The History, Philosophy, and Practice of Traditional Aikido*

GCST 1030: Introduction to Japanese Culture*

Other Works:

EAP Certificate

Aikido for College Publication and various RX articles

Recognized Aikido Kyu Certificates (5th Kyu and 4th Kyu) offered at NHCC

Caretaker of the NHCC Peace Garden and Peace Pole

Special Note:

The Aikido of NHCC Program has served as a model throughout the United States for other campuses, and its curriculum has been adopted by other College & University Programs around the world.

Aikido of NHCC is officially recognized by the World Aikido Federation (Aikikai) Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.

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