Music & Lyrics by Neil Bartram

Book by Brian Hill


faces with different colors over them

Presented by North Hennepin Community College

Department of Theatre & Film

November 16, 17, 18 & 19, 2022

Fine Arts Center, Main Stage Theater
Originally Produced by Goodspeed Musicals, East Haddam, CT. The Musical was presented at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre's Festival of New Musicals in 2015.
* * *
“The Theory of Relativity” was developed at the Canadian Music Theatre Project, Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.


THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY features mature content that discusses sexuality.

Those under 14 years old may find the themes of this musical challenging.

This production will use stage fog during our performance.

This performance will run approximately 80-90 minutes.

There will not be an intermission for this performance.

For your support and care for this production…gratitude to:

Cheryl Clausen, Leigh Dillard, Katie Dismang, Heidi Lanes, Dean Kathy Hendrickson, Matt Klinkhammer, Martina Mayotte, Marthalyn Nehwah, Mimi Otu & Soren Olsen

And — sincere gratitude to our extraordinary NHCC student ensemble: they have carefully balanced time commitments to family, friends, jobs, and their studies with their dedication, creativity, and talents for the creative labor and experiential learning of this theater production. 


"A group of college students gathered together to take a physics test."
Kaz Anderson
Spencer Anderson
Kurtis Banks
Veronnica Chick
Katie Dismang
Sloane Fischer
Zack Hansen
Heidi Lanes
Cooper McCalister
Amy Moulds
Mimi Otu
Han Rhee



My name is Kaz, and this is my second production with NHCC. I was in Dracula last fall and played the role of Dracula. I’ve always loved theatre, and I hope to graduate with an Associates Degree in Theatre. Outside of theatre, I like singing and dancing. Thank you to Dr. Mayorga for casting me in this amazing production and giving me a chance.



Hey there! My name is Kurtis Banks (He/Him), I am 21 years old, and I have lived in Brooklyn Park for the majority of my life. I have been in multiple productions over the years, both in school and in community theater, but this will be my first time in an NHCC production! Some of my talents are spinning things on my finger, doing heel clicks, and being generally awesome. I would like to thank my family, Dr. Mayorga, Leigh Dillard, and all of my cast members for all of their support and understanding. Enjoy the show!



I’ve lived in Hanover, MN my whole life, and this is my second year at NHCC. I am a Liberal Arts and Theater major, and hopefully will be graduating in the fall. This is my third show at NHCC, I played Joanie in Dracula in October 2021 and was the stage manager for Love Sonnets last December. I am so happy to get to work with familiar faces from past productions, as well as meet some new people. Big thanks to my castmates and the stage crew for being so encouraging and kind. Also, big thanks to our director, Dr. Mayorga, for putting up with us to make something beautiful. I truly appreciate your time and dedication towards theater and all of us.



We would like to acknowledge the contributions & cheer of Zack. He was a vital member of our ensemble for our entire rehearsal process. Unfortunately, near the very end of our time in rehearsal, Zack experienced severe illness and could not continue on with the show. Nevertheless, Zack’s contributions are deeply felt, and he is missed by all.



Cooper is a Twin Cities actor who attended the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. He has done 22 different productions and will continue to perform. He is always willing to learn more and to perfect his craft. He appreciates everyone who comes out to see the arts and especially those who came to see this show. 



Hi! My name is Amy Moulds. I am a student here at North Hennepin working on an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts of Science. I live in New Brighton with my cat Willow and hamster Chestnut. I do not have much musical experience. In high school I would play in the band in the background! Hobbies of mine are exploring the world around me and making memories. Anything outdoors gives me joy! All while being around my family and friends. I am excited to be in this musical because it has helped me come out of my shell more and have this wonderful experience with others. Thank you to my family, friends, and boyfriend for supporting me and letting me practice with you guys! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have! 



Hello! My name is Han, and I'm from right here in Brooklyn Park. Theory of Relativity will be the very first theater production I get to be in, and it's been a blast so far! This is currently my last year with NHCC before I graduate with an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts and go on to get my Bachelor's in biology. Off-stage, I enjoy writing, parkour, and horror movies! I'd like to thank Dr. Mayorga, Martinoa, and Leigh for all their hard work and support, as well as my fellow cast members for making this first experience an amazing one! Oh! And I'll also be dancing on a torn ACL!*

  • Immediately after September auditions for The Theory of Relativity, Han had a mishap, which resulted in a torn ACL leg ligament. Han courageously powered through on crutches during our first weeks of rehearsals. The crutches are gone, healing is underway, and through this all, Han valiantly (and carefully) danced & moved through all our intensive rehearsals.


I reside in Brooklyn Park and Champlin. This will be my second year at NHCC. I'm also involved in the choirs here. I'm going for my Associates of Fine Arts in Music degree. I'm looking to get a Bachelor of Music Performance in Voice. I've been involved in theatre for 9 years. I started in middle school and continued throughout high school to college. This is my second show at NHCC. I was in NHCC theatre's production of Everybody. I thank my family for their support throughout this challenging production. I would also like to thank Dr. Mayorga for giving me an opportunity in this production. I also want to thank the Music Department professors that helped with practice and guidance throughout this project. 



Howdy howdy, everybody, I’m Veronnica. While I currently live in Minnesota, I also consider myself part Washingtonian. I’ve done a ton of theater. Most recently I was in the production Dracula in the role of “Renfield,” with my iconic creepy laugh. I’ve also done shows at my high school like Little Women, Shrek the Musical, and Singing in the Rain. I’m a singer, a straight A full-time student, and a Kind of Comedian. I have loved this production with all of these Amazing actors and our dedication to our craft is astounding. I wanna Thank my mom, my dad, and my girlfriend (Merlin) for always supporting me and having my back.



Hi, my name is Sloane Fischer. My pronouns are she/her. I am a PSEO student from Maple Grove, MN with hopes of becoming a geneticist. “The Theory of Relativity” will be my first show at NHCC, but I’ve been doing theatre since 2013. When I’m not doing theatre I love all things art, I am always excited to experiment with different materials and processes. I’d like to say a huge “thank you” to Dr. Mayorga, my brother London, and my mom for fostering my growth in theatre and helping me to become a better person. Thank you!



Hello, my name is Heidi, and my pronouns are she/they. I currently live in Plymouth, Minnesota. I’ve loved theatre for as long as I can remember. Previously, I’ve been in the Wayzata theatre department, and I’m thrilled to say that this is my first production at NHCC! This musical is something entirely out of my comfort zone, something very abstract and unique, and I’ve been so delighted to be a part of it. I’d like to thank Dr. Mayorga, Martina, and Leigh for being wonderful leaders throughout this process, they've all made me learn and broaden my knowledge of what theatre is about.



Hey, everyone. My name is Mimi. I’m from Minneapolis, MN, and this is my first year here at NHCC and also my first ever theater production! The last one I got cast in I wasn’t able to perform because I got COVID. Outside of school I do a lot of writing, photography, and obviously, singing. (Check out my photography page! Otuphotos.flo on IG.) But, most of my time is spent in discussion about social issues and injustices! I’d like to thank my mom and close friends Elijah and Tarnue for being a huge support system throughout this experience and always lending an ear when I needed to vent out my theater-related frustrations! Hope you all can make it to the show!!! Thanks in advance.


DIRECTION.....Dr. Irma Mayorga, Theatre Faculty

MUSIC DIRECTOR & PERFORMANCE PIANIST.....Martinoa Mayortte, Guest Artist

MOVEMENT CONSULTANT.....Leigh Dillard, Visiting Theatre Faculty

SCENIC DESIGN.....Leazah Behrens, Guest Artist


STAGE MANAGER.....Marthalyn Nehwah, NHCC student

SLIDE WHISTLE MUSICIAN.....Heidi Lanes, NHCC student



LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR.....Shatha Elkhair, NHCC/PSEO student

SOUND BOARD OPERATOR.....Manny Spivie, NHCC student

SPOTLIGHT OPERATOR.....McKayla Henderson NHCC student



NHCC students

Kaz Anderson

Veronnica Chick

Katie Dismang

Shatha Elkhair

Aaliyah Hassan

Magdi Hazaa

Emily Hennessy

Christian Skog


Community Volunteers

Rose Behrens

Alex Olsen



Tad Hendrickson, Community Volunteer


NHCC Dept. of Theatre

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