Service Learning for Nursing Students

Service Learning in the MANE Curriculum

Service Learning hours must be completed and submitted by Friday, April 13, 2018 for spring semester. All contracts must be dropped off with Cindy Byholm before you start your service.

Service Learning falls under the broader concept of experiential learning. Experiential learning means to learn by experience, for example, participating in a case study, practicing in lab, or in the clinical site where we work with real people.

Service Learning is more specific and, as defined by Robert Sigmon, "occurs when there is a balance between learning goals and service outcomes." (Furco, 1996, p.2) The service provided not only is a learning experience for the student, but is a benefit to the organization and the clients it serves. The organization has the ability to cost effectively and personally serve more clients in a timely manner.

Benefits to the students include a deeper understanding of their course content, a broader appreciation of their discipline, an enhanced sense of civic responsibility, and recognition of the need to advocate for vulnerable groups with unmet needs. The hands-on service is only the beginning of service learning. Reflection, during and afterwards, helps the student to see and use leadership tools (listening, empathy, awareness, conceptualization, foresight, community building) to promote social justice particularly related to basic human needs of health (Maslow's Hierarchy). (Murray, 2013)

Furco, A. (1996). Service-learning: A balanced approach to experiential education. Expanding Boundaries: Service and Learning. Washington DC: Corporation for National Service, 2-6.

Murray, B. S. (2013). Service-learning in baccalaureate nursing education: A literature review. Journal of Nursing Education, 52 (11), 621–626.

As a requirement of your studies for the NHCC nursing program, 10 hours/semester, for a total of 30 hours for the program are required. These hours are assigned to specific courses and the services provided must relate to the course content.

  • 2750 – Nutrition sites related to food service and those in need of food
  • 2800 – Chronic and Palliative Care sites related to nursing care of the chronically ill
  • 2950 – Leadership sites related to community awareness and vulnerable groups of people


Service Learning Procedure

Hours Documentation

Getting Started

2750 Service Learning Sites

2800 Service Learning Sites

2950 Service Learning Sites

If you have any questions please contact Katie Butler in the Nursing Department - 763-424-0759

Requirements for MANE nursing program

10 hours of service learning required each semester (30 total for the program requirement)

  • NURS 2750 10 hours of service learning; sites chosen from the 2750 pre-approved sites (below).
  • NURS 2800 10 hours of service learning; sites chosen from the 2800 pre-approved sites (below).
  • NURS 2950 10 hours of service learning, sites chosen from the 2950 pre-approved sites (below).

Please be aware of the following changes to your Service Learning requirements:

  1. The Service Learning hours must occur during the semester, not before or between, and not during summer or winter break.
  2. Service Learning hours may NOT be carried over from one semester to another.
  3. The Service Learning opportunities will be communicated through the Service Learning web site.
  4. Service Learning sites may be chosen from the list below, no exceptions.
  5. Time spent orienting to the service learning site does not count for hours.
  6. The Service Learning contract MUST be completed BEFORE beginning hours at the site.
  7. Not meeting this requirement will result in an incomplete for the course. If you must repeat a course where Service Learning is required, you must also repeat the hours and all assignments in the repeating semester. Hours and assignments do not carry over between semesters.

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Service Learning Procedure

Please follow the Service Learning Procedure at all times when completing Service Learning requirements. Service Learning hours must be completed and submitted by Friday, April 13, 2018 for spring semester.

Choose from the following approved partners. Each site may have a different application and onboarding process, so please follow the volunteer information listed on their websites to complete their requirements. Requirements for each site may potentially include applications, background checks, informational interviews, or orientations. Be aware that some community partners may require a time commitment.

  1. Choose from the approved partners (listed on D2L) and schedule your hours.

  2. Complete a Service Learning Liability Contract drop it off with Cindy Byholm. This MUST be done before you begin hours at your requested site.

  3. Complete the hours at that location.

  4. Community partner will enter your hours after completion. Do not contact the sites about entering your hours. You can log in to Verify Service Learning Hours to confirm your hours have been entered.

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    Hours Documentation

    All community partners have an account with the college and will record your hours utilizing the web based reporting system (except Second Harvest, in which case you will need to secure their paper volunteer verification form).

    Uploading your contract begins a work flow that ensures your hours are documented. Additionally, it is a good idea to print an activity log from the Service Learning main page and keep your own records. If you do not turned in your contract, the site will be unable to document your hours, and they may be void. Please be aware that Service Learning hours may take a month or so to be uploaded, depending on the site and their procedure.

    Do not contact the site directly about missing hours.

    Students may verify their hours by following this link: Verify Service Learning Hours

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    It is your responsibility to follow up with your sites to schedule your hours. Please ensure that future NHCC students will be valued and desired by our community partners. If you schedule hours, you must complete them or notify the site of any issues. Students will receive a PCRF if they fail to show for their scheduled hours.

    If you have a suggestion for future service learning sites, feel free to email it to with written documentation of your rationale, reasons and what you are proposing as a potential alternative. Your proposal will be considered and reviewed by the Nursing Department for future semesters.

    You may not complete hours at a location that you are employed, even if that is an approved site.

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