February 25, 2022 - Statement on Russia and Ukraine Conflict

Dear Campus Community,

I write today as the world observes, with great concern, news reports coming out of Ukraine with horrific images of airstrikes, bombings, gunfire, and fleeing citizens. While it may be easy for us to feel insulated from the effects of war so far away, what is happening in Ukraine matters. With Russia’s invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine, I fear we are now facing a very significant moment that will have a ripple effect throughout our community.

These events are distressing for all of us, but especially to our community members who are experiencing this conflict in deeply personal ways. Our college is home to students, faculty, staff, and alumni from Ukraine as well as from Russia. They have loved ones who may be in harm’s way. In addition, NHCC has many students, faculty, and staff that are active-duty military or in the Guard or Reserves. They, and their families, may also have their lives changed dramatically on short notice due to the response to this conflict.

Care for Yourself and Others

These recent incidents serve as a reminder that we have an increased responsibility to listen thoughtfully to one another and to support every member of our community. Be mindful that those around you may be hurting right now and take steps to extend compassion in the classroom, in our Zoom spaces, and as we interact around campus. Reach out if you need support, and as always please take this time to show care to those around you and with yourself.

In Solidarity

This situation is developing rapidly, and now is the time for us to come together. We can be a real source of strength to each other in times of fear and loss in all parts of the world, and it is crucial to support everyone regardless of their background, nationality, or faith. In the coming days and weeks, let us pursue peace and look out for one another, with a focus on the most vulnerable among us. As often happens, the disadvantaged will face the most severe impacts, including economic disruptions that may soon follow.

For everyone in our NHCC community, especially those who have family and friends in the region, I want you to know we are here to support you!



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