We look forward to helping you get registered for courses!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your PSEO Online Orientation. Your next step is to schedule your Registration Session.

PSEO Registration Sessions must be completed by Thursday December 28th.

Please plan to attend for the full 2 hours and try to arrive 15 minutes early. This session is required for new students to complete Part 2 of the Orientation process.

At your Registration Session, the following will happen:

  • Review PSEO Requirements
  • Access your NHCC email
  • Academic Advisor will assist with registration
  • Register for your upcoming classes
  • Print out your schedule
  • Get your NHCC Student ID
  • Family Session: There will be a separate Family session available for your family members to learn more about PSEO at NHCC at the On Campus dates

***NOTE*** If you plan to take a math course OR any course that has a math pre-requisite (like Chemistry), you MUST have a Math Placement before your Registration Session. Use this link to sign up for your Math placement.

Registration Session Schedule

Below, you will find the dates available for Registration Sessions. Note, there are some dates that are on campus and some that are Zoom.

To schedule your Registration Session, please select one date below:

IMPORTANT: If your Parent/Guardian has questions about your PSEO classes YOU MUST schedule an On Campus Registration Session.

If you have questions about Registration Sessions, call the Advising Center at 763-424-0703 or email orientation@nhcc.edu.

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