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Guest post from Kamla Gabbert | NHCC Alum

It wasn’t long ago that a college degree was considered a must – it was rare that an individual would foster a successful career without one. However, in recent years, it appears the conversation has shifted.

Perhaps, it may sound something like this: “I can do social media from home. Why would I waste my time going to college for a job I can do right from my phone?”

Or, perhaps it may sound like this: “My friend said he can get me a job at his company. Eventually, I’ll get promoted. I don’t need a college degree.”

In our society, both dialogs are exceedingly common, nevertheless, are very concerning. There are deep-rooted issues with these expectations and over time can become extremely damaging to an individual’s career.

For instance, in the first example listed above, where would this individual’s career lead to should one day social media not be in demand? Or, what if the ever-so-common algorithm issue continues to ensue and the individual becomes less and less visible on social media?

In the second example listed above, what if one day the friend’s employer goes bankrupt? Or, perhaps an unexpected round of layoffs occur and his job is eliminated?

Irrespective of which dialog from the above examples are more common, neither individual has a college degree, leaving them in a vulnerable circumstance that poses a threat to leading a successful and abundant future.

In light of this, a college degree is a standard every individual must consider. It’s an earning that no one and nothing can take away – it travels with an individual no matter where life leads them. Whether an individual may transition from one employer to another, endure a layoff, or receive a promotion within their current company, their college degree ought to be professed as their companion – one that never leaves their side and has their back no matter what chapter of life they’re in.

With over 70 degrees, North Hennepin Community College offers a wide range of college degrees, making it a one-stop-shop for an individual’s undergraduate degree needs. What’s more, in addition to offering in-person and hybrid classes, NHCC offers programs that are 100% online. Hybrid and online courses may benefit students who are employed full-time or have family or personal obligations and don’t want to overlook creating an abundant future for themselves. Additionally, NHCC offers evening and weekend courses to further assist students with their objectives. Whether an individual chooses in-person, hybrid, online, or a grouping of the three methods, they are choosing affordable college credits that allow them to finish their degree on their schedule. 

By and large, the average income is accompanied by an individual’s education level or educational attainment. Therefore, choosing to earn a college degree is necessary, and in this ever-changing world, is increasingly encouraged. When selecting a degree, NHCC encourages students to choose a subject matter that aligns with their financial goals as it is crucial to their overall fulfillment.

According to the Education Data Initiative, there is a 14.2% increase in earnings for those who earned an associate's degree as opposed to those who earned a high school diploma. Furthermore, there is a 39.0% increase in earnings for those who earned a bachelor’s degree as opposed to those who earned an associate's degree. Lastly, there is as much as a 38.8% increase in earnings for those who earned a master’s degree as opposed to those who earned a bachelor's degree.

Let’s refer back to the individuals at the beginning of this discussion who believed obtaining a college degree was insignificant to their career goals. We’ll pretend these individuals graduated high school and stopped their educational career there. According to the Education Data Initiative, these individuals would risk earning 14.2% - 39.0% less than their counterparts who earned an associate, bachelor, or master's degree.

Therefore, although an accelerated launch into a career without a college degree may appear compelling at first, in the long term, it’s not. As this pressure from the outside world continues to increase in volume; NHCC will continue to challenge such ideologies, encouraging students to never put their long-term success in the backseat. Designing a secure life is unquestionably necessary and earning a college degree is an assertive start to doing so. The world can be an uncertain place and NHCC wants every adult to have their companion by their side.

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