STEM Student Christina Yang standing outside smiling at the camera

Christina Yang is a student also studying Biology at NHCC. She chose to attend NHCC as a steppingstone to her undergraduate degree. “As a low-income student, NHCC was a nice start for me.” In her time at NHCC, Christina’s science skills and passions have continued to grow. “I have been interested in science since I was young, specifically animal science. There’s always more to science than one thinks and I enjoy being able to study it.” To be successful in a Biology program, Christina advises, “Don’t be afraid of mistakes, if anything, it shows you have high integrity. That is what science needs; transparency and honesty.” Christina would like to tell prospective female science students that, “Science is a competitive field, not just for women, but for anyone. Do not be afraid of failure, in fact, work towards success. Science is best experienced when you are around the right people. Try to find open-minded, diverse and innovative groups of individuals. That definitely helped me to get on the right track!”

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