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When it comes to the analytical and ever-evolving world of Computer Science, it can be easy to get tripped up and overwhelmed. I've grabbed some of my tips, and I've grabbed some of my fellow Computer Science students, and have asked them the question: How do you stay afloat? What are some methods that you utilize here at NHCC? If you could give your younger self advice, what advice would you give? We came up with some really helpful tips, so be sure to give it a read! 

TIP #1: Ask Questions

Ask questions! Ask questions! Ask questions! Whether online or in-person, it is so helpful to ask questions instead of staying confused. Especially with Computer Science, because if you don't understand one thing, it can lead to a whole road of confusion! - Nala Adotevi

TIP #2: Look For Resources

Be sure to also look for resources outside of class if you need clarification on things. Try to understand what's happening rather than just looking up solutions.  - Tenzin Nyima

TIP #3: Practice

Practice when you can. As a student, you'll be learning different computer programming languages, and it's the same thing as learning a new language to speak. If you don't practice, you'll get rusty! Doing a little amount of practice everyday will build those programming skills that can help you succeed at NHCC, and in the work field! - Nala Adotevi

TIP #4: Start Early, Look For What You Know

Start assignments really early, that way you'll have time to troubleshoot, and there won't be as much panic! Also, look for example codes of similar problems from a forum to realize structures better. - Angelika Mehes

TIP #5: Work On Things You Know

Try working on projects using the things you learn in class. This will strengthen the skills you learned. - Tenzin Nyima 

TIP #6: Troubleshoot, But Not Alone

Be ready to run into a lot of problems. Have a friend to support you and to bounce ideas off of. Programming is not much of a math, rather more of an art. There’s almost always 5-10 different ways to do things, and it’s up to your own style of coding to find the solution. Also, sometimes you just need to step away from the computer and brainstorm! - Diego Gonzalez

TIP #7: Stay Eager To Learn

Stay eager, and ready to learn. Everyday the Computer Science field is growing, and there's always going to be something new. It's helpful to stay updated in the news, and learn about the new technology that's being implemented every day. It'll pay off in the end! - Nala Adotevi

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