stunning lake photo

During the summer, many students like to take a break from school. But not for art faculty Will Agar's Digital Photography students! This creative bunch embraced the time during summer break to work on their photography skills!

The images below reflect the separate visual assignment themes of: 

Imitation, Photographer's Eye, Abstraction, Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly and Time.


black and white eyes











Ariel Grymala titled, Imitation

Lake photo by a student









Alex Hamilton titled, Lake

student black and white photo








                                                        Cohen Reimann titled, Imitation

student black and white photo












Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Imitation

imitation photo












Troy Rolf titled, Phone

student egg photo

Naomi Stephens titled, Imitation

another b&w student photo

Heidi VerSteeg titled , ManRay Imitation

Photographer’s Eye:

sunset student photo












This photo was taken by NHCC student, Oluwagbenga Fatejo

lake photo 2









Alex Hamilton titled, EYE

leaves b&w

Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Climbing Leaves

photo of a cow

Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Cow on a Green Field

barn by a students house









Troy Rolf titled, Barn By My House

photo of hatchlings











Troy Rolf titled, Hatchlings

student photo of a waterfall












Troy Rolf titled, Springwater

bright lights student photo






Heidi VerSteeg titled, Bright Lights

student photo of a lake reflection





                                                                                                                                                                                        Heidi VerSteeg titled, Lake Reflection

train light photo






                                                          Heidi VerSteeg titled, Train A Comin’

black and white hallway photo

Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Long Hall

a photo of pumpkin shaped candles












Mitchell Murphy titled, Photographer’s Eye

a black and white photo of a bench









Cohen Reimann titled, Photographer’s Eye


abstract photo black and white












Ariel Grymala titled, Abstract

a photo of purple flowers










Alex Hamilton, titled, Abstraction

black and white abstract photography






                                                                                                                                                                             Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Sculpture

a photo of abstract ceiling art












Cohen Reimann titled, Abstraction

an abstract weave photo












Troy Rolf titled, Weave

student photo of a rainbow







                                                    Heidi VerSteeg titled, Rainbow Eye

Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly:

funny student photo












Ariel Grymala titled, Tiny Dancer












                                                                                     Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Cactus










Troy Rolf titled, Coffee













Troy Rolf titled, Banana










Troy Rolf titled, Eggshell








Heidi VerSteeg titled, Uncommonly Colored

student artwork










This black and white photo was taken by NHCC student, Oluwagbenga Fatejo













Julian LaFerla titled, Almonds

light colored student painting












Julian LaFerla titled, Light










Julian LaFerla titled, Lines










Corynne Lembke titled, Not A Leather Jacket













Corynne Lembke titled, Body

Mitchell Murphy's art












Mitchell Murphy titled, Commonly Seen











Brita Smith titled, Balloons










Brita Smith titled, Tree












Ariel Grymala titled, Time

a photo of a spiderweb in water









Claudia Robertson-Ionescu titled, TIME

a photograph of a flashlight being shaken












This bright photograph was taken by NHCC student, Julian LaFerla

a photo of a mug being washed












Corynne Lembke titled, Time

a photo of a green plant












Adrian Munoz Lopez titled, Time As An Enemy

a photo of the London clock tower












Mitchell Murphy titled, Time

brightly colored circle












Troy Rolf titled, Orb Psychedelic

bright purple circle












Troy Rolf titled, Orb

a photo of women's sandals












This sandals photograph was taken by NHCC student, Yoselin Penaloza Romero

a photo of a bike

Yoselin Penaloza Romero titled, Bike

a photo of a dog

Yoselin Penaloza Romero titled, Dog













Yoselin Penaloza Romero titled, Sky


















Yoselin Penaloza Romero titled, Water

ballerina photo










Brita Smith titled, Time

a photo of painting equipment

This black and white photograph was taken by NHCC student, Naomi Stephens.

a photo of a grandfather clock












Heidi VerSteeg titled, Time

Bravo to all of these talented student artists! 

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