a photo of NHCC students, Dani and Mimi

In November of 2022, NHCC held an Instagram takeover with two student cast members from NHCC's fall musical, The Theory of Relativity. The two students took us through their day at NHCC and also showed what a campus production is like behind-the-scenes. In their one day takeover, these students pulled the curtain back and shared how fun it is to be a cast member for an NHCC musical!

View the posts from their takeover below!

an Instagram screenshot from a theater student takeover

Before the takeover, NHCC shared a photo of the students and their IG handles, the post caption read, “We’ve got another takeover coming tomorrow! Meet Mimi and Dani, NHCC students and cast members in The Theory of Relativity! Follow them throughout their day and see what life is like behind the scenes! #nhcctakeover."  

The first student post on Instagram, an introduction

The Theory of Relativity cast member, Dani kicked off the takeover with an introduction post! The caption read, "Hii!! It's officially Dani and Mimi’s takeover! I wanted to take a second and introduce myself. My name is Dani, it’s my first year here at NHCC and I’m 19! I’m a creative writing major and I’ve loved theatre for as long as I can remember. I hope to have a lot of fun here today!!" The additional student doing the takeover, Mimi, added to Dani's caption saying, "There’s also meeee, Mimi (on the right). This is also my first year at North Hennepin. I’m 18, a Criminal Justice major and this is my first ever production! #nhcctakeover."

a IG story screenshot from NHCC student, Dani

After the introduction, Dani snapped a quick photo, pointing to the headshots on the promotional poster for The Theory of Relativity and shared it on IG Stories. The messaging read, “Who's that???"

an IG story of an acting class

Next, an impromptu video was posted to our IG Stories from a classroom setting. The messaging read, “Acting class!!”

a screenshot from IG stories of a students laptops

Next, Criminal Justice student, Mimi, posted a photo to our IG Stories of her laptop and monitor, with homework on the screens. The messaging read, "Lawyer by day, thespian by night."

a screenshot from IG stories of an NHCC student behind-the-scenes

The next IG Story posted was of Dani, backstage in the theater. The messaging read, "Getting my stage makeup on!! Showing up early cause I take forever."

IG story screenshot of hair styling video behind the scenes

This video was posted as a reel on our IG Feed. In the video, Dani curls another cast members hair and laughs with others in the dressing room, the caption reads, "The dressing room! (100% SFW) #nhcctakeover."  

IG story behind the scenes

This video was posted to an IG story. In the video, Dani shook hands with a castmate, after instructing them to “shake my hand in character.” The video messaging read, “impromptu interview for Theory of Relativity!!”

this is a screenshot from an IG story with a theater cast member

To add onto the previous IG story video, this also showed the two cast members shaking hands in character.

a screenshot from IG stories behind the scenes in the theater

This was the third and final IG story video showing specific cast members shaking hands in character.

an IG reel of theater cast members shaking hands in character

Dani posted this video to IG reels, on our feed of additional cast members shaking each other's hands in character. 

theater cast member, mimi about to do her stage make up

Mimi posted a dressing room mirror selfie to IG stories; the caption reading, “Makeup…definitely my least favorite part.”

this IG story screenshot is titled, vocal warm ups

This panorama video of cast members on the stage was posted in an IG Story. The caption reads, “vocal warmups.”

a photo taken backstage showing the theater tech equipment

A video taken backstage shows behind-the-scenes of a theater production. The caption for the IG Story read, “Tech.”

a video of a cast member getting a microphone taped on them

Mimi took this IG reel video of Dani and other cast members getting their microphones set up. The reel was posted to our IG feed and the caption read, "Shout out to tech #nhcctakeover." 

this is an IG story video of theater mics being checked

This boomerang video posted to IG stories, showed the NHCC stage with the caption, “Mic Checks.”

nhcc theater volunteer Martina get's a student shoutout on IG

A sweet photo of a musician named Martina was posted to our IG feed. The caption reads, "Shout out to Martina for dedicating so much of their time to getting the music right! They play for over an hour straight with barely any breaks!!! Thank you Martina!! #nhcctakeover."

this is a video of a student cast member signing off of IG for the day

In this reel video posted to our feed, Dani said goodbye and encouraged viewers watching to attend The Theory of Relativity. The caption read, "Dani signing off!! It’s been so much fun y’all. Please, please, please come see Theory of Relativity! We worked so hard, it’d mean the world if we got an audience to see it. #nhcctakeover." 

nhcc student, dani doing the peace sign and smiling

Dani posted a peace sign selfie on IG stories; captioning it, “Gonna go get lots of sleep for the show tomorrow, Dani out."

a screenshot from a video of students singing backstage

Earlier in the day, Mimi and Dani, (plus another cast member) made a video backstage singing and laughing. You can tell they had a lot of fun! It was posted to our IG feed as a reel and the caption read, "You probably thought we would kill it cause we’re in a musical… never judge a book by its cover! #nhcctakeover." 

nhcc student mimi, filmed an IG reel talking about being in a theater show

Later in the day, Mimi sat down to make an IG reel talking about the experience of being in a theater production at NHCC. In the video, she shares that she's never been part of something like this and she's glad she did it. She posted the reel on our IG feed with the caption saying, “It’s truly an amazing experience. Never been a part of something like this before and I’m glad I am! AUDITION FOR THE PLAY NEXT SEMESTER! And be sure to come see us perform! Wednesday/Thursday 2:30 Friday/Saturday 7:30! Otu, out. #nhcctakeover."

a group photo of some of the musical cast members smiling

The final in feed IG post from Dani and Mimi was this warm and inviting group shot of cast members! Wrapping up the takeover, this caption read, "Officially the end of Dani and Mimi’s insta takeover!! Awesome last day of tech week, can’t wait to see you guys in the audience TOMORROW!!! Go on the NHCC website to learn more! #nhcctakeover."

this time stamped selfie is the last IG story screenshot from the cast members takeover

And just like that, the Instagram takeover ended with one last IG story photo. An up close picture of Mimi with a 1:30am timestamp, captioned, “Call time in 10 and a half hours. Remember to come see us perform! Wednesday and Thursday @ 2:30 and Friday and Saturday @ 7:30. Otu signing off. Goodnight.”

Looking at the Takeover Results: 

On NHCC's Instagram Feed

  • Dani and Mimi's fun singing video had the Most Likes (32) and the Most Interactions (35).  
  • The post introducing Dani and Mimi nearly had the Most Likes (31) and Most Interactions (34).

On NHCC's Instagram Stories

  • The first IG Story of Dani with the musical promo poster had 135 actions taken from it.
  • Mimi's "lawyer by day, thespian by night" IG Story got 2nd place with 123 actions taken from it.
  • The stage makeup selfie that Dani posted to IG Stories had 116 actions taken from it.
  • Another hit IG Story was Mimi’s backstage mirror selfie with 111 actions taken from it.

On NHCC's Instagram Account in General 

From Nov 15-16:

  • 58 accounts engaged with NHCC’s Instagram account. That is up 383% versus Nov 13-14.
  • NHCC's account reached 407 different accounts on IG. That is up 128% versus Nov 13-14.
  • NHCC's account reached 117 non-followers during the takeover; versus 28 reached Nov 13-14.
  • NHCC had 172 content interactions, which is up 1,128% versus Nov 13-14.
  • Also from Nov 15-16 NHCC had 73 Post interactions.

Getting a backstage view from Dani and Mimi during The Theory of Relativity was super fun! We look forward to showcasing more campus and classroom experiences through the lens of student takeovers. Know a student who would want to share their course, or extracurricular happenings on NHCC's Instagram? Reach out to us!  

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