a photo of the new ptk student sidewalk project

Every year, the Phi Theta Kappa honors society students at NHCC collaborate with administration on a College Project. In 2021, the proposed College Project was to add a sidewalk along West Broadway Avenue, in Brooklyn Park. This way, students would not have to walk in the street, or wait for a bus in the street – especially in the winter. With the cooperation and support of NHCC’s administration, PTK students met with the City of Brooklyn Park, Hennepin County and also the Metropolitan Council. They eventually reached their goal though and the asphalt pathway was finished last week!

A few students remain, but many PTK students who helped advocate for the sidewalk graduated in the Spring of 2022. The students involved in this project were:

Naomi Bennett

Jaimee Coleman

Teresa Kemp

Florence Bradley

Ferdosi Ahmed

Danny Kaddoura and

Emily Bates

With an additional shout-out to PTK Advisor and Honors Program Director, David Mantini!

Thank you to all those involved in this project, for making campus safer for our students and community!

In a recent CCX Media story, PTK students shared what this project meant to them. Learn more here, https://bit.ly/3fblryk.

Featured in the CCX News coverage were:

Photo of Teresa, an NHCC student on the sidewalk

Teresa Kemp, Current Phi Theta Kappa President, Phi Xi Chapter; Minnkota Phi Theta Kappa Regional Officer.

photo of former PTK student on sidewalk

Naomi Bennett, Former Phi Theta Kappa President, Phi Xi Chapter.

a photo of former PTK vp student

Jaimee Coleman, Former Phi Theta Kappa Vice President of Membership. 

Thanks again and congratulations on this accomplishment!

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