Construction Management student Jael Mangi smiling for the camera inside

Jael Mangi is a Construction Management student, who is graduating in spring of 2021 from North Hennepin Community College. Jael chose to study Construction Management because she was inspired by her dad and she realized that by following in this career path she could accomplish all of her professional and personal goals. After graduating, Jael would like to work in a known construction company to build up her knowledge and skills. Then, in possibly ten years down the line, she’d like to open her own company. Jael has always had a dream of building hospitals and shelters for the needy. By having her own construction company, she can make those dreams a reality! Jael’s favorite part of the Construction Management program is the administrative side of it. This is what made her want to become a Project Manager! Jael would like to tell anyone who’s interested in pursuing the Construction Management program, ‘Go for it! Work with strength and passion to accomplish your goals and be who you want to be. Give the best of yourself to school and your career.’ When asked what Women’s History Month means to her, Jael said, ‘To me, Women’s History Month is a symbol of acceptance of women’s rights in our society. It’s not only about equal rights but more about how determined, confident and successful women can be when put in front of challenges and issues to solve.’ There are two NHCC female instructors who have inspired Jael: Cheri Mahon (her Pre-Calculus instructor) and Crystal Pierce (her Physics instructor). Jael shared what makes these women inspiring to her, ‘Their determination and confidence has given me the courage to continue and be successful in what I am doing. Their knowledge and motivation is powerful and impactful on one’s self-esteem and confidence. It is rare to see women teaching these subjects in college. They’re doing it to break the mold and prove societal stereotypes wrong.’ By representing women in the construction industry, Jael feels accomplished. This makes her proud and eager. She comments, ‘For decades, society has said what is normal and women have been scared for years to do what they want. I want to invite other women to join my program. In the end, we all feel good in our skin when we do what we are passionate about.’

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