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Starting Monday, October 9th, local coffee house, Murphy Micro Roast will be serving drinks and more on campus!

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Coffee Shop Hours:
Monday-Thursday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.
In the BHCC Atrium (near the fireplace).
Please note: the coffee shop will be closed each day from 1pm to 2pm for lunch.

Prices: $2.00-$5.00
Sales tax is included in all prices, there is no extra charge for non-dairy milk, and accepted forms of payment are cash, card, or check.

Menu Options:
Murphy Micro Roast will be serving fresh lattes, hot, or cold brews, Italian sodas and other delicious treats. All coffee will be $5 or less, with a variety of pastries set to arrive on October 10th. Non-dairy options will also be available at no extra cost. All drinks are served in a 12 oz size.

Coffee Drinks:
Nitro Cold Brew: $5.00
Cold Brew Coffee: $4.00
Hot Drip Coffee: $3.00
Latte - Iced/Hot: $5.00
Mocha - Iced/Hot: $5.00
Cappuccino- Iced/Hot: $4.00
Espresso - Double Shot 2 oz: $3.00

Non-Coffee Drinks:
Chai Tea Latte - Iced/Hot: $5.00
Hot Chocolate: $4.00
Bottled Water: $2.00
Hot Teas: $2.00
Italian Sodas: $5.00

Milk and Milk Substitutes:
Whole Milk, 1% Milk, Oat Milk, and Unsweetened Almond Milk

Fall Flavored Drinks:
Pumpkin Spice Latte
S’mores Latte
Banana Bread Latte (Best served hot)

Specialty Drinks:
Maple Brown Sugar Nitro
Lavender Vanilla Latte
Ginger Beer Cold Brew (N

Italian Sodas:
Strawberry Lemon Refresher-Strawberry Puree, Lemon Juice and Mineral Water
Emerald Bay Refresher-Passion Fruit Puree, Blue Curaçao and Mineral Water
Blue Caribbean Refresher-Hawaiian Island, Piña Colada, Blue Curaçao and Mineral Water

Food Items:
Donuts: $2.00 each
Toaster Waffles with butter and syrup: $4.00
Bagel with cream cheese: $2.00
Movie Theater Buttered Popcorn

coffee shop menu
coffee shop menu

Additional Items Coming Soon:
Hot Breakfast Sandwiches

About the Owner:
Brian Murphy, the owner of Murphy Micro Roast, has been busy in the past few years! He’s worked in marketing fields, and car businesses, with one thing remaining constant, his love for coffee!

After connecting with a head coffee roaster at Dunn Brothers, Brian started seriously researching coffee about 25 years ago. He fell in love with roasting his own coffee beans and learned a lot about what it takes to run a coffee business, adding, “You can learn about coffee forever! There are always new things to learn!”

Since July, Brian has worked as a vendor with the Brooklyn Park Farmers Market. Bringing his coffee directly to the people, Brian’s relationship with NHCC has grown after hosting his coffee cart each Wednesday on campus.

If Brian had to pick his favorite country for coffee outside of the U.S. he’d pick Mexico. Brian gave us some info about his Mexican High Ground Decaf. He explained that these beans come from the mountains, over 12,000 feet high and shared that Mexican High Ground Decaf coffee has a much cleaner taste, compared to other coffees in the region. When growing coffee, lower ground versus higher ground coffee affects bitterness and caffeine is bitter as well. Cafe Imports is his goto website for coffee education.

If Brian had to pick his favorite coffee drink off the menu, he’d personally go for a hot drip coffee.

When he’s not spending his time roasting coffee beans and fine tuning his espresso recipe, Brian can be found tinkering with machinery. He’s a huge machine junkie and enjoys taking apart broken espresso machines and making them work again!

Brian is excited to offer Murphy Micro Roast coffee within NHCC and can’t wait to see you at the counter next week!

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