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Hey everyone! My name is Nala Adotevi, and I interviewed Diego Gonzalez, a computer science student here at NHCC. Diego and I talked about what it means to be a computer science student, and what that translates into when you're a student here at North Hennepin Community College. 

Nala: “Thank you for being able to participate in this interview, Diego! To start things off, tell me a little bit about your student career here at NHCC.” 

Diego: “Well, I first started taking classes pretty much right after high school. After that, I took mostly online classes, then I started coming to campus which I really enjoyed. I met different students; students in my major, students out of my major. I got into the clubs a little bit, which was nice. And the community here is great.” 

N: “Getting involved in clubs is a great idea, because that’s how you connect with people. What made you want to major in computer science?” 

D: “I decided on Computer Science because I have a love for computers, and I have a very inquisitive mind. Computers, networking, and stuff like that were very interesting to me even though I knew nothing about it. And now the more I know about it, the more I want to learn. Regardless of how difficult it is, learning about it is probably the most enriching thing.” 

N: “The struggle within Computer Science is definitely worth it. Don’t worry, I can speak for myself when I say that. But there's always success within your struggles. How has NHCC helped you achieve your goals and succeed within your major?” 

D: “The ample opportunities that are offered to me by my professors is really cool and super helpful. My last professor, Mr. Sethi, would send us emails about internships, events and more. My current professor, Jack Pope, informed me about a datathon that I'm currently in. There’s always stuff going on, and the professors let you know about it, which is sweet. Even with the club opportunities- that sometimes has areas for stuff that you can get. There’s money opportunities!” 

N: “In the clubs?” 

D: “Yes! If you get club officer of the year, or club leader of the year you can get a stipend, or a free credit.”  

N: “Wow.. interesting. I didn't even know that!” 

D: “There’s also opportunities to network through your classmates too.”  

N: “That's true! Making friends and connecting is essential as a student. For prospective or current students who are maybe thinking of majoring in computer science, what advice can you give them?” 

D: “I’d say prepare for a decent amount of work. And approach the subject with curiosity. Also, team up. Get another person on it. It will be super difficult if you’re doing it alone. If you can find a friend to go to the same classes with, do it.” 

N: “That is great advice, especially with computer science. Having someone to troubleshoot and code with is so helpful. Speaking of helpful, what resources at NHCC do you feel are most beneficial to you as a student? This could be TRIO, the tutoring center.. or anything else.”  

D: “Definitely the tutoring center. Primarily for math, especially if we’re talking about computer science. Shoutout to Dave! He’s so good. Honestly, the math tutoring center saved me. I wouldn’t have passed college algebra without the tutoring center.” 

N: “Well that’s great! I’m glad the tutoring center was a huge help for you. Looking ahead, what do you want to do after you earn your degree? Is there a job position you’ll be chasing?” 

D: “Hmm.. Ideally I think I’d aim for a four year. I think I want to get into a couple of bootcamps for Python, and coding in general. Also, preparing for internships is also something I’ll be doing.” 

N: “What an awesome idea. I wish you luck on your future endeavors! Is there anything else you’d like to say?” 

D: “Nope!” 

N: “Well, thank you so much Diego. I really appreciate you participating in this interview. Your insight is beyond valuable and NHCC values you!” 

Well everyone, I hope you've gained some knowledge and helpful advice from our friend Diego. I know I did! If you'd like to be featured in our Meet the Student series here at NHCC, email me, Nala Adotevi! I'd be happy to feature you and share your story.

Have a fabulous day!

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