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Faculty Charles Mee posing in a black and white picture

In a time of pandemic…we need more love. Love Sonnets offers exuberant stories about love & loving on the NHCC stage. Aching love, desperate love, frustrated love, secret love, “I want you bad” love, and “why you so bad to me” love. Through a collage of monologues and scenes gathered from the plays of venerated playwright Charles Mee, an ensemble cast of four women render scorching investigations into the chaos, pain, and unbounded joy of loving. Falling in love…falling out of love…knocked out by love…love at first sight…love in anger…love without boundaries. Even in lockdown, we still loved…don’t you need more love?

PHOTOGRAPH: Charles Mee, Playwright 

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December 1st – 730pm 

December 2nd – 730pm

December 3rd – 730pm 

December 4th – 730pm 


FREE for all audiences


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