Brightly colored student painting

NHCC Fine Art faculty, Gina Dabrowski taught this semester's Studio Art Capstone class. The work of six NHCC students is currently hung up in the display cases that are near the library in the Learning Resource Center (LRC). This Capstone exhibit runs through Thursday, May 5, 2022 and closes at 1:30pm. 

Students with art in this exhibit are: Ashley Xiong, Mellisa Vongsaly, Kalley Femrite, Kristina Rose, Eric Weber and Bryan Villalta. 

Below are a few photos of the exhibit; experience their true beauty on display in the LRC.

photo of artwork
See for yourself, the stunning artwork on display.
Photo of a charcoal painting
These two charcoal drawings are titled, Downhill #1 and #2. They were created by NHCC student, Bryan Villalta.
this is a graphic design of a painting on a wall
This colorful, acrylic on canvas painting is titled, The Meeting and it was created by NHCC student, Eric Weber.
Alice in Wonderland painting
This painting was created by NHCC student, Kristina Rose. It is also acrylic on canvas and is accurately titled, Alice in Wonderland.
photo of a painting of a river
This painting was created by NHCC student, Eric Weber.
Painting of birds
This digital painting was created by NHCC student, Ashley Xiong. The title of this painting is, Flock.
Graphic of a student painting
This final digital painting was also done by Ashley Xiong and the title of it is, Hidden.
Eric Weber student artwork
These three paintings were not included in the display, but they were created by Studio Arts Capstone student, Eric Weber as well. 

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