student taken picture of a forest canopy in the summer time

Most students would be reluctant to put the words "summer" and "schoolwork" together, but these NHCC students seized their opportunity to create! Art faculty, Will Agar challenged his summer session Digital Photography students to alter their perspectives.

The images below reflect three separate visual assignments: Photographer's Eye, Abstraction and Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly. 

micro shot of leaf surface with water drops on it

This photo was shot by Maoyao Yang, to reflect the Photographer's Eye theme.

abstract photography by Alison Oslin

This photo was shot by Alison Oslin and titled Vegas Colors. It reflects the theme of Abstraction. 

digital phtography by Jessica Barthel of a sunset over a dock with the silhouette of a dog overlooking the water


Titled Cabin Life, this photo was shot by Jessica Barthel, to reflect the Photographer’s Eye theme. 

digital photography by Casey Lynch of a newborn foal laying on the ground being cleaned by its mother

This photo was shot by Casey Lynch, to reflect the Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly theme. 

an abstract photograph by Stella Mus, swirls of blues and blacks

This photo was shot by Stella Mus, to reflect the theme of Abstraction.

digital photography by Kelley Lynch of a great Dane laying down in a lawn chair after the rain

This photo was shot by Kelley Lynch, to reflect the Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly theme. 

digital photography by Gabrielle Johnson of a little girl hand by her hands and feet from a low hanging tree branch

This photo reflects the Photographer's Eye theme and was shot by Gabrielle Johnson. 

student taken picture of a forest canopy in the summer time

Maoyao Yang took this photo to reflect the Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly theme. 

Rule of thirds by Mihaela Tasca. downward facing shot of a pair of white shoes standing next to sign reading please wait here

This photo, titled Rule of Thirds, was taken by Mihaela Tasca and represents the Photographer's Eye theme. 

Dog dock by Mickenzi Bitzer. A muddy golden retriever sits on a wooden dock staring innocently at the camera

Mickenzi Bitzer took this photo to represent the Photographer’s Eye theme, it is titled, Dog Dock. 

digital photography by Carrena Falls of a paint covered hand resting in the grass and holding a paint covered brush

This photo represents the theme of Commonly Seen, Seen Uncommonly and was taken by Carrena Falls. 

abstraction digital photography by Mickenzi Bitzer of the reflection of a yellow school bus taken through its side mirror

This photo by Mickenzi Bitzer is representative of the Abstraction theme. 

digital photography by Camille Rosenfeld of a pair of feet held up to the blue sky, wearing pink socks designed with scales, green tips, and cartoon eyes

This final photo was taken by Camille Rosenfeld and reflects the Photographer's Eye. 

A round of applause for our Digital Photography students! Your work is impressive! 

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