May 25, 2021 – George Floyd Anniversary

Dear NHCC Community,

Today marks the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis. As I reflect on this past year, my heart goes out to all of the families and communities impacted by similar tragic events. Too often, we acknowledged another hate crime and/or loss of life due to racism, so much so that it became numbing for many. However, I remain cautiously optimistic about our future, as we start to see justice for lives lost and the collective efforts across communities to end ‘isms’ to create a better future for all.

We stand in solidarity

We still have a lot of work ahead of us; however, we can accomplish anything when we stand in solidarity. While higher education alone cannot solve all societal forms of racism, oppression, and trauma, we do serve as an institution of higher learning and civic engagement. As such, we will continue to work toward illuminating systems of racial inequity within our own community so that together we can continue dismantling all forms of oppression that adversely affect our students, employees, and community members.

Resources for yourself and others

We acknowledge the trauma that this incident causes all of us, so we take this time to recognize the fullness of human value and reinforce to you our commitment to racial healing and upholding anti- racism practices. As always, please take this time to show compassion and care to those around you and with yourself. Here are a few ways to do that:

We value you

Lastly, as a college community, we must continue to acknowledge that systemic racism and racial strife remain, and we must be unified in taking bold action to end them. Healing must begin. Our hearts are with George Floyd’s family and loved ones today! Above all, know that you are valued, and we are proud to work alongside you as advocates of social change for each other and for our students.

Warmest Regards,


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