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Shout-Out Examples 

Some examples of what a Shout-Out might be used for may include:

  • Demonstrating the mission, vision, values of NHCC
  • An outstanding performance on a project
  • A simple "thank you"
  • Going above and beyond
  • Being a great teammate or collaborator

These are just a few examples of what this Shout-Out recognition could be, so be creative!

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Recent Shout-Outs

Shout-Out to Azhar Alsaady | Interim LMS (D2L) Admin and Lab Supervisor

"Azhar is consistently helpful, supportive, and positive in helping everyone (students, staff, faculty) in navigating Help Desk and D2L questions. We are lucky to have him as part of our Technology Services staff!"

Shout-Out to DeeGee Frenzel | Administrative Assistant - School of Liberal Arts and Academic Foundation

"DeeGee has been an exceptional colleague for years, working to both support everyone in the Liberal Arts (etc.) divisions and provide guidance with grace and humor when we don't have the knowledge needed to perform a task or make connections. She is a powerhouse of experience and a wonderful human being to have nearby!"

Shout-Out to Traci Hildebrandt-Smith, Katie Johnson, Sara DeLuney | Bookstore

"I would like to say an official thank you to Traci Hildebrandt-Smith, Katie Johnson and Sara DeLuney for guiding me and encouraging me through my first Rush. They prepared me as best they could and then it was go time. It was daunting and exhausting and wild and hilarious! Thank you for all the support you give me every day!"

Shout-Out to Linda Carlyon | Faculty - Nursing

"I came to her office unannounced on Tuesday late afternoon during the Cool Spaces Tour on Pathways Day and she stopped what she was doing and gave us all an excellent tour of the Nursing Labs. The students loved it, and we were all talking about how cool all the stuff in the re-created hospital ward is! (the pregnant manneqin--what?!)

She did it on the spur of the moment, and it was wonderful!"

Shout-Out to Dawn Fiedler | General Maintenance Worker

"I wish I could choose "All of the above" for the reason for the shoutout. I spilled some liquid in my office yesterday. I mentioned it to Dawn and I tried to clean it up right after it happened. Dawn cleaned up my carpet after I left the building and it looks great this AM! Thanks, Dawn for being flexible and making time to keep my carpet free of stains!"

Shout-Out to ShaRon Carter | Transfer Specialist

"Appreciated your willingness and efficiency in helping a student move forward through the enrollment process with one phone call. I felt like we were working together as part of a true Student Affairs team. Many thanks."

Shout-Out to Faith Phang | Central Services Specialist

"From the day she started here, Faith has been making copies and taking care of other printing, shipping/receiving, and related needs with extraordinary speed and attention to detail. I appreciate her quickness, but also her care. She has caught several small errors in docs that I sent (like my spacing made something run over my intended page number), and let me know before she made the copies. Our lab manuals she printed look beautiful and I'm proud for our students to get them from the bookstore. Thank you--your reliability and capability are noticed."

Shout-Out to Darin Crawford | Painter

"Darryl is always working hard to make this campus beautiful."

Shout-Out to Heidie Lish | Interim Dean - The School of Liberal Arts and Academic Foundations

"I want to give a shout-out to our new interim dean, Heidie Lish, who, with a blend of vulnerability, grace, and humor, managed to lead the best meeting I’ve been to in years,  topping  it off by singing a solo and then encouraging us to join her(which we did). 

I told Heide if she sends me the chords, I'll accompany her next time on the ukulele.

In the meantime, great start to your new position, Heidie." 

Shout-Out to Cristin Schulz | Library Technician

"Cristin joined NHCC in Spring 2023. In 5 short months, she cleaned up the Library financial statements, organized and documented Circulation processes and is constantly striving to 'clean things up.' Her contributions during this time of transition and change has been invaluable to the Library. So thankful for her daily commitment to NHCC!"

Shout-Out to Sasha Hubbard | HR Business Partner

"Thank you for your collaboration with the various groups involved with Duty Day! Great job!"

Shout-Out to IT Department Staff 

"I want to take a moment to acknowledge and give a resounding shout-out to our exceptional colleagues who have been instrumental in transforming the onboarding experience for our new academic deans – the IT Department Staff!

Beyond their technical prowess, the IT Department consistently demonstrates genuine kindness and willingness to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for our new academic leaders. Even before the 1st day each of our new deans stepped onto campus, the IT Department's unwavering commitment and technical expertise were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Their contributions do not go unnoticed, and their impact extends far beyond the onboarding process.

On behalf of the entire academic community, I extend my sincerest gratitude and admiration for the exceptional work that you all have done and continue to do. You all have truly made a difference in the lives of our academic deans and the success of our institution.

We are incredibly fortunate to have you all as part of our team, thank you for being the technology gurus we all admire and respect!"

Shout-Out to Cheyenne Vaughn | Writing Center Tutor & Co-Coordinator

"Cheyenne has been an amazing addition to the Tutoring team, specifically the Writing Center. She works hand in hand each day as the co-coordinator with the Faculty and faculty co-coordinator. She also works closely with the Tutoring Coordinator, inspiring and elevating the peer tutors. She has a knack for focusing in and seeing projects through (even the tough ones.) She works with other to offer workshops, brought North Start Literacy to campus on a wider scale, and is currently collaborating with the Tutoring Coordinator to offer a certificate to all peer tutors which will allow them to serve their peers at the highest level along with add to their resumes. Cheyenne is the ultimate actively engaged collaborator!"

Shout-Out to Ellie McDowell, LSW | Social Worker

"Ellie has worked tirelessly this year on getting new partnerships and funding set up for the Food Cupboard. The food cupboard has had a beautiful physical transformation and new equipment that were grant funded. We have had three+ new partnerships developed to help us improve the space and build sustainability for the food cupboard, and we received approximately $60K in grants for the next two years to help fund the food in the space. We are grateful and inspired by your dedication, Ellie!"

Shout-Out to Michelle Kiffmeyer | HR Business Partner

"Michelle is always willing to step up and help wherever there is a need. I appreciate that I have been able to count on her over the last month to help serve our staff and faculty promptly and with a smile!"

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