CBT 132


  • MS, Baltic State Technical University

I am a career software developer and systems architect. My experience includes developing business and engineering applications, working on all stages of their life cycle – from feasibility analysis to integration testing. I taught computer programming to children and adults in different classroom and online settings. At NHCC, besides teaching, I participate in updating the CSci curriculum.

Besides reinforcing the students’ computational thinking, I encourage them to capitalize on the searchable knowledge on how to build functional and robust IT solutions. I try to instill in them the techniques and best practices of commercial software development. After taking a Computer Science class or two, involving plenty of detailed-oriented brainwork, my students can realistically assess if there is enough fit to pursue a career in information technology.

For those already working in the industry, I provide an opportunity to take an Internship class structured as series of professional consultations targeting their real workplace projects (preserving confidentiality of their proprietary information) .

Among the activities I enjoy in my limited free time, are hiking in the forests, traveling to far-away places to enjoy outstanding urban architecture or magnificent nature, and, occasionally, watching movies (even CSci-related, like 'Her' or 'Robot & Frank').

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