Silas Mallery

CLA 167

Office Hours:

Fall 2022 office hours:

Thursdays 12:30-5:30 pm


  • BA, University Of Vermont and State Agricult
  • MA, University Of York
  • PHD, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

Silas teaches all of our Anthropology classes at NHCC. He studied Anthropology, Religion and French at the University of Vermont. He then got an MA in Archaeological Research at the University of York in England, and a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota. As an archaeologist, Silas is interested in the ancient world, especially Europe, but sees the study of peoples of all time periods as equally interesting and important. Silas is particularly interested in evidence of ancient religion, and of comparing peoples beliefs across the world and through time. Silas also enjoys experiential archaeology, such making stone tools. Silas is also a musician, playing mostly guitar and singing, and he also enjoys drawing, having done extensive technical drawings for archaeological reports and lab manuals over the years. Silas is not afraid to call out the evils of colonialism, the depth of racism, and the institutional inequities in our society. To balance out this negativity, Silas uses humor (at times good) in lecture to help make class a pleasant place to be. 

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