• BS, Texas A & M International University
  • MA, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • PHD, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

I have a Master’s and Ph. D. in Hispanic-American Literature from the University of Minnesota. I have taught Spanish courses at several universities and colleges in Minnesota and Wisconsin. My experience involves teaching all levels of Spanish language courses, including Spanish for the professional and creative writing in Spanish.

I designed a course for creative writing centered on Latin American and Spanish one-act plays and human rights. I also helped develop a course on Chicano Literature. I have taught courses on U.S. Latino theater and Latin American theater. I also have a strong background on Peninsular Literature with a focus on the Baroque period and the 1898 Generation.

I was born and raised in a border city in Texas, and my experience growing up was that of a bilingual, bicultural person. I wrote a book on my personal experiences at the border entitled “On the Other Side – Tales from the Borders.” The accounts detail my early life experiences with the culture, the language and its people.

At North Hennepin Community College, I have collaborated with the creation of a Spanish certificate for those who wish to enter into the social service professions. I teach online courses in Spanish with an emphasis on developing communication skills. At Riverland Community College, I also taught beginning French courses online.

I have translated academic articles by my colleagues into Spanish and English for publication purposes.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a double major in Spanish and English from Texas A & M International University.



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