• BA, College Of Saint Catherine-Minneapolis
  • MA, Hamline University
  • PHD, Capella University

English Faculty

Lisa Whalen is a writer and English professor whose work has appeared in An Introvert in an Extrovert World (Cambridge Scholars); The Simpsons’ Beloved Springfield (McFarland); Adanna; Writing on the Edge; Introvert, Dear; and several blogs. Her book, Stable Weight: A Memoir of Hunger, Horses, and Hope (Hopewell Publications, 2021), was selected 2022 Reserve Champion at the international Equus Film and Arts Festival. Based on her book's success, she has been a featured guest speaker in graduate creative writing programs and on podcasts devoted to writing, horseback riding, and eating disorder recovery.

Whalen's Ph.D. research focused on narratives and empathy. In her spare time, she is an equestrian and animal welfare advocate.

Courses Taught

ENGL 0990 Gateway Composition
ENGL 1200 Gateway College Writing
ENGL 1201 College Writing I
ENGL 1202 College Writing II
ENGL 1800 Introduction to Journalism
ENGL 1900 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 2010 Writing Creative Nonfiction and Memoir
ENGL 2150 Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 2330 Hmong American Literature

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