Katharine Rauk

CLA 165A

Office Hours:

My classes and office hours vary by semester, but you can find the current schedule posted outside my office. You can always reach me via email or phone. 


  • BA, Saint Olaf College
  • MA, University Of Chicago
  • MFA, Bennington College

I’ve taught writing at North Hennepin Community College since 2009, but I’ve been teaching for over two decades now in a wide range of places, from community colleges and universities to local poetry centers and even a school in northeast China. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a detective, a lighthouse keeper, or an Egyptologist. Now I realize all these jobs have something in common with being a good writer: paying attention.

You’ve probably noticed that everyone is trying to tell you what to think—your teachers, your parents, Twitter, your textbooks, your friends. In my classes, you’ll spend lots of time paying attention to how and what you think, as well as why you think that way. One of my favorite ways to figure out what I think is through writing. In my classes, we will discover, practice, and refine both our thinking and writing together.

In my free time, I love being outdoors, especially if a lake or woods are involved. My husband, dog, and I also spend many hours cheering for our kids on the soccer field (but our backyard chickens don’t get to tag along).

I’m a poet, so you can always find me chasing after a new poem and working on my next book. 

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