Kaelie Farrah

CLA 152


  • BA, Evergreen State College
  • MFA, Naropa University

Kaelie Farrah (she/her) has been teaching English at North Hennepin since 2008. Her teaching focuses on a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset. This means she evaluates students based on their hard work and commitment to learning, not their natural talent. Therefore, if a student considers reading or writing to be a weakness, they can do well in her classes with effort. Students are also encouraged to takes risks and make mistakes, which is essential to the learning process.

Classes She Teaches at NHCC

ENGL 0990: Gateway Composition

ENGL 1200: Gateway College Writing

ENGL 1201: College Writing I

ENGL 1201: College Writing II

ENGL 1900: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 1950: Graphic Novels

ENGL 2150: Introduction to Literary Studies

ENGL 2250: Japanese Literature

ENGL 2340: Nature in Literature

ENGL 2350: Women and Literature

ENGL 2370: African American Literature

ENGL 2960: Creative Writing Capstone Project

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