Jason Schoch ("show"k)

FAC 116


  • BFA, Truman State University
  • MFA, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

Jason's been working in the graphic design industry since the mid-90s, including 10+ years in the Twin Cities metro area design scene; from Junior Designer to Art Director, from freelance to contract to full-time & back, from being hired & managed to hiring & managing people, he's volleyed through many facets of a design career across different industries.

Jason holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). Prior to joining NHCC, Jason taught at:

  • U of M @ Minneapolis: adjunct faculty & teaching assistant
    • beginning & intermediate drawing (adjunct)
    • printmaking & digital media (teaching assistant)
  • Brown College: adjunct faculty (graphic design)
  • Minneapolis College of Art & Design: fabrication shop striker
    • welding, foundry (aluminum, bronze), woodworking, 3D printing, vacuum forming, environmental graphics
    • forklift driving, sweating, lots of sweeping & cleaning!
    • custom production solutions for student class projects
    • critiques & feedback with sculpture classes to help students hone concept & technical skills

His open interest in media — from digital graphic design tools to video projection mapping, photography, sound, interactivity, & installation-art, graffiti, painting, & printmaking — informs his approach to design curriculum. Jason believes connecting with others is crucial — whether with audiences through design, or with coworkers & clients through good communication, research, & feedback — he's keen to help people see a path ahead for themselves more clearly than he did early in his career, & to make the world a more beautiful place along the way!

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