Cody Schniepp
Faculty - Accounting

CBT 150


  • AS, Inver Hills Community College
  • BS, Metropolitan State University
  • MBA, Metropolitan State University
  • GC, Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • CERT, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Faculty Name: Cody Schniepp, MBA, CMA.

Background: I started tutoring accounting in 2017 as a peer tutor while working on my undergrad in accounting.  I tutored at Metropolitan State University while working on my MBA and am still tutoring there.  I started at North Hennepin as a tutor during the Covid-19 pandemic to help support students struggling with their online classes.  I started teaching at North Hennepin in spring 2022.

What Courses you teach at NHCC: I teach Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and QuickBooks.  I have a background in taxes, so I hope to teach some tax classes in the future.

Credentials: I have an BS in Accounting and an MBA both from Metropolitan State University.  I also earned the Certified Management Accountant credentials from the IMA in summer 2022 and am working on a Master’s in Accounting at Minnesota State University Mankato.

Hobbies:  I make soap as a hobby and enjoy tabletop gaming with my friends.

Teaching Philosophy: I think accounting is the language of business.  When I teach accounting classes, especially Financial and Managerial, I focus not only on the math skills, but the concepts and vocabulary.  This allows students who do not go into accounting roles in the workforce to still understand the bigger picture of their organization and help their organization achieve their goals.

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