CBT 153


  • BS, Northwestern College
  • JD, William Mitchell College Of Law

Carrie Vaia has taught at North Hennepin Community College since 2006. When students enter the Paralegal Program, they are required to take Introduction to Law and Paralegal Studies, which is taught by Carrie. Carrie is known as the “gatekeeper” because she is the first instructor you will have when you enter the Paralegal Program. If you take a course from Carrie, your success will be her highest priority.

Carrie serves as the advisor for the Paralegal Student Association (PLSA) and has been part of search committees, and has served on the college’s ITAC Committee. She is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, the Minnesota Community College Faculty Association, and is a practicing licensed attorney in the state of Minnesota.

Courses Taught at NHCC:

  • Intro to Law and Paralegal Studies
  • Property
  • Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration
  • Contracts and Business Organizations 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Search
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Legal Aspects of Construction

Carrie’s teaching style

If you take a class from Carrie, you’ll be participating in a teaching style called active learning. Through lecture, demonstration, practice, and participation we’ll learn the material together. Students may work on their own, together in pairs, or small groups on assignments.

Carrie’s grading viewpoint

Carrie gives students many different opportunities to succeed and acquire a good grade. For example, if a student doesn’t do well on tests, they still have the chance to compensate for that in another area by successfully completing several assignments.


  • University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN, B.S. 
  • William Mitchell College of Law, J.D.


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