• BA, University Of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • MA, Ohio University Main Campus

I started my college education at Century College and then transferred to the University of Minnesota's twin cities campus for the rest of my undergraduate career. My primary areas of study in my time there were Philosophy, Latin, and Anthropology. I completed my Master’s degree in Philosophy at Ohio University my focus is on the philosophy of language and philosophical logic. I also have training in ethics and meta-ethics. One of my longtime interests in the discipline is ancient philosophy. I still attend a foundations of math and logic reading/workgroup (F.I.G) at the University of Minnesota. 

I grew up in Minnesota in the St. Croix River valley east of the twin cities. I am a lifelong martial artist. I have trained many styles including karate, TKD, Capoeira, Silat, among others. I used to teach capoeira in Athens Ohio, and was an instructor for the martial arts club on campus. I also continue to teach martial arts in the twin cities area. I also play old-time banjo/mandolin and love getting together to make music with friends, or just pluck around outside. I currently live in Minnesota with my partner and 9-year-old son.

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