Psychology Race & Law Class Scholarship

This fall, NHCC has partnered with Mitchell Hamline in their Gateway to Legal Education program, which encourages interest in the law among students from historically underrepresented communities. Although this program launched three years ago at Mitchell Hamline, this fall marks it’s largest enrollment through their partnership with NHCC. 

Together, NHCC and Mitchell Hamline are offering a new course, Psychology, Race and Law, taught by NHCC faculty Sean Payton and Mitchell Hamline faculty Rick Petry. The course has several guest speakers and provides a strong connection to those currently working in law in Minnesota. The goal is to ensure that NHCC students who are interested in practicing law have a connection to Mitchell Hamline as an option to legal education or a legal career after their bachelor’s degree. 

The application period for the course is from Monday, October 24th through Monday, January 9th!

Another added benefit is that through a scholarship from Mitchell Hamline, eligible NHCC students are able to get their tuition paid for. NHCC and Mitchell Hamline plan to continue partnering in Psychology, Race and Law in spring 2023.  Here is the application form for the scholarship.

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