PLA 1010 Individualized Studies Development

Credits: 2
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1010 (PDF)
This course will assist students in developing their individualized studies degree plan while focusing on the central question of what does it mean to be an educated person. Upon completion of the course, students will have a completed Degree Plan. This course is by permission only and can only be registered upon after acceptance into the Individualized Studies Program.

PLA 1020 Prior Learning Portfolio Development

Credits: 1
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1020 (PDF)
This course will assist students in assessing what they have learned, whether some of that learning may be appropriate for assessment of college credit, and how to go about earning that credit. This course will allow students to begin the development of a portfolio for assessment of credit by a faculty member.

PLA 1025 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Preparation Workshop

Credits: 0
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1025 (PDF)
This workshop will help develop a plan of action to determine if Credit for Prior Learning is an option for the degree-seeking student. After completing this workshop, the student will know if they have the necessary components and knowledge to move forward to earn credit alternatively.