GWS 1501 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies

Credits: 3
Goal Areas: 05,07
Course Outline 1501 (PDF)
This course introduces students to the foundations of Gender and Women Studies by examining the diversity of women's experiences throughout history and across cultures, races, ethnic groups and religions. From a social science/humanities perspective, we will explore how factors such as gender, gender identity and sexuality have been shaped by Western society.

GWS 1502 Human Trafficking

Credits: 3
Goal Areas: 07,09
Course Outline 1502 (PDF)
This course will explore human trafficking within the context of social justice, human rights, and feminist perspectives. We will analyze the behavior of traffickers and the ways this crime affects our global economy. We will examine criminal justice, vulnerabilities of victims and types of trafficking and how communities are responding to this activity. Students will gain an overall understanding of modern-day slavery and the issues we face regarding this crime.

GWS 1503 Analyzing Gender Identities

Credits: 3
Goal Areas: 07,09
Course Outline 1503 (PDF)
is course offers students the opportunity to examine masculinity from a feminist perspective. We will consider masculinity in terms of political, historical, and social influences. How do boys become men in the United States? We will address issues such as male aggression and violence, homophobia and male roles in western society (father, brother, husband, son, etc.)

GWS 1505 Women and War

Credits: 3
Goal Areas: 05,09
Course Outline 1505 (PDF)
This course investigates the experiences of women in war. We will discuss the ways women have been used in politics and societies. We will examine many topics including the treatment of women during the holocaust of World War II, sexuality as a weapon of war and women in combat.

GWS 1507 Mass Incarceration

Credits: 3
Goal Areas: 07,09
Course Outline 1507 (PDF)
This course examines the practices of incarceration in the United States from a feminist perspective. We will discuss the history, the politics, the economics and the ethics of incarceration. We will also review the ways the U.S. is different from other countries when it comes to imprisonment.

GWS 1509 Global Feminism

Credits: 3
Goal Areas: 08,09
Course Outline 1509 (PDF)
This course will introduce students to issues related to feminism around the world. We will analyze gender inequality cross-culturally. We will also examine efforts to accomplish social justice for women and girls worldwide.