FYE 1020 First Year Experience

Credits: 2
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1020 (PDF)
This course provides both first-time and returning students with academic and social interactions in order to make a successful transition to college. Through lecture, discussions, group activities, active learning exercises, and guest speakers, students are introduced to a variety of topics critical to academic success. The course empowers students to be actively engaged in their learning by understanding the culture of college and creating a learning plan that incorporates the use of study skills that will foster success in all of their course work.

FYE 1021 Effective Student Learning

Credits: 1
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1021 (PDF)
During this four-week course, you will learn strategies and skills to use online tools, ways to engage with your instructor, how to balance your personal and academic responsibilities, and give yourself short-term rewards to maintain long-term motivation to fulfill your academic goals.

FYE 1990 Topics

Credits: 0
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1990 (PDF)
This course will provide flexibility in offering an in-depth review of topics of immediate importance and topical interest. These topics will go beyond the introductory courses in examining specific aspects of the subject matter.