ALTH 1020 Phlebotomy Technology

Credits: 4
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1020 (PDF)
In this course, you will learn about the role of the phlebotomist in healthcare and learn the skills necessary to obtain a job as phlebotomist. You will learn about the healthcare setting including basic medical terminology and human anatomy as it applies to the phlebotomist role. You will learn about and practice infection control and safety, healthcare ethics, blood collection procedures, special collection procedures, specimen processing, point-of-care testing, and quality assurance. This course will prepare you to perform the duties of a phlebotomist in a hospital and/or clinic setting.

ALTH 1025 Phlebotomy Practicum

Credits: 2
Goal Areas: n/a
Course Outline 1025 (PDF)
In this course, you will apply the phlebotomy skills learned to the healthcare setting. You will be in a hospital or clinic setting and will perform the tasks of a phlebotomist including blood draws, special collections, and specimen processing as well as interact with patients and members of the healthcare team.