Service Learning Procedures

  1. Choose from the following approved partners for your class. Each site may have a different process, so please follow the volunteer information on their websites to complete their requirements (may potentially include applications, background checks, informational interviews, or orientations). Be aware that some community partners may have a longer time commitment than is required for the course. If you have questions regarding the partner list, please see your instructor.
  2. Once you've scheduled your Service Learning experience with the site, call 763-424-0758. You will be asked to complete a liability contract at that time for our records. Liability contract link: NHCC Liability form. This MUST be done before you begin your hours at the location.
  3. Complete the hours at that location.
  4. Your hours will be tracked by the community partner using a secure login to document your hours and a description of your duties; this is viewed by your instructor once the hours are recorded at Verify Service Learning Hours
  5. Download the activity log on the Service Learning home page. It is recommended that you keep separate documentation of your hours.

Please be respectful and responsible so that future NHCC students will be valued and sought out by our community partners.