A Win-Win Graphic Design Internship Program

The Graphic Design Xperience Project is a year-round partnership providing cost-effective design talent and meaningful experiences between local employers and the Graphic Design Program at North Hennepin Community College through paid graphic design internships.

With an intern, employers gain effective outcomes in efficiency and accessibility through an expanded internal staff. An internship also provides coaching and leadership experience for mentor employees. For interns, who present substantial design skills, the Xperience Project puts those abilities into practice, introduces designers to target audiences and make a positive impact on employer workload at a pay rate far below the marketplace entry-level average.

Contact Xperience Producer Heather Olson to discuss your team’s needs as well as internship scheduling and compensation. Make plans to sign up for the annual spring Internship Fair. Let the win-win begin!

What do employers say about the Xperience Project?

"Interns not only assist in our work production, they help us look at ourselves, our processes, and our brand."—Richard Lang, principal, Visual Communications

“I liked that [the Internship Fair] was more relaxed than a formal interview. I felt I got to really chat with the students and get to know them.”—Kaitlyn Bryan, senior art director/community lifestyle magazines, Tiger Oak Media

“[Our intern] was instrumental in research and concept development for a new client to Star. She had fresh ideas/perspective and drew on her artistic experience to provide some really lovely concepts.”—Dane Giles, creative director, Star

“An intern provides much-needed workload relief. She was pleasant, productive, and easy to work with. It really doesn’t get much better than that!”—Jessica Martin, area marketing manager/Upper Midwest, US Foods.

What do interns say about the Xperience Project?

“One, I was able to grow in my creativity with the freedom I was given. Two, I was able to get a job thanks to it. And three, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the people I worked with as well as the work I did. Also, I now have some pretty cool stuff to put in my portfolio that I’m very proud of.”—Amy Hanley, graphic production artist, FISION Corporation

“I received a tremendous amount of positive support and feedback from everyone. That helped me grow and become more confident.”—Jennifer Cherrier, production artist, Universal Promo

"With each different project, I learned how to flex my creativity under certain limitations and deadlines, and learned how to manage my time while juggling several projects at once."—Sabrina Stroud, engineer/graphic designer, ShelDon Print and Design

“This is a great experience for me and I feel a lot more confident going forward in my search for a design job.” – Jamison Schiller, lead graphic designer, R&D Sales

Student Internship Design Work

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Featured in February 2016 edition of Edina Magazine (Tiger Oak Media)